‘Trust fund kid’ uses parents’ money to fuel AOC, transform Democrat Party

by WorldTribune Staff, July 21, 2019

The architect of “the squad” and the move to swing the Democratic Party farther to the left than ever before is “a trust fund kid” who is “using his parents’ money” to “fund all of these operations,” radio host Rush Limbaugh noted.

“There is one guy behind these four Squad members, and his name is (Saikat) Chakrabarti,” Limbaugh said. “He’s the guy that’s directing them. When you heard Pelosi say, ‘I don’t talk to staff, I don’t,’ it was him she was referring to.”

Saikat Chakrabarti with Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

Chakrabarti, co-founder of the leftist Justice Democrats, is Democrat socialist Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s chief of staff.

Chakrabarti has been “tweeting massive disrespect” about House Speaker Nancy Pelosi “in the attempt here to elevate ‘the four whack jobs,’ as John Kennedy from Louisiana has described them. So this Gang of Four (if you want to call them that) got their money from AOC’s sugar daddy, her chief of staff. Chakrabarti is his name. He owns them. One of his front groups is called Brand New Congress. His plan is to replace everybody in Congress who’s not an uber-radical with an uber-radical. That includes Pelosi.”

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Limbaugh continued: “This is the guy running these women. Not to say they don’t have their own brains. Don’t misunderstand. But he’s the money behind it. He’s the sugar daddy. He’s a trust-fund kid in his thirties, and he’s the energetic, inspirational leader behind Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and this other bunch of freshmen. He sets the policy for the Squad. He’s the one that created the Green New Deal. He’s the one that when he was talking to some climatistas about it, he admitted.”

Chakrabart was quoted as saying “The Green New Deal? We didn’t start that out as a climate thing. We started this as a means of reversing and overthrowing the economy. It’s an economic idea.”

With that comment, Limbaugh said, Chakrabarti admitted “what all of climate change is.”

As for “the squad,” Limbaugh said Chakrabarti “writes their speeches. They are his minions. He controls the money. By the way, she’s (AOC’s) gonna be primaried.”

The official House Democratic Caucus Twitter account recently tore into Chakrabarti for criticizing Democratic Rep. Sharice Davids of Kansas for her votes on issues to do with the migrant crisis at the border.

“I don’t think people have to be personally racist to enable a racist system. And the same could even be said of the Southern Democrats. I don’t believe Sharice is a racist person, but her votes are showing her to enable a racist system,” Chakrabarti tweeted.

The caucus then took aim, tweeting: “Who is this guy and why is he explicitly singling out a Native American woman of color? Her name is Congresswoman Davids, not Sharice. She is a phenomenal new member who flipped a red seat blue. Keep Her Name Out Of Your Mouth.”

Members of the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) and Congressional Hispanic Caucus (CHC) are also reportedly infuriated with Chakrabarti over the Justice Democrats backing primary challenges against their members.

Justice Democrats is backing primary challengers to eight-term Rep. Henry Cuellar of Texas; 10-term Rep. Wm. Lacy Clay of Missouri; and Democratic Caucus Chairman Hakeem Jeffries of New York, who is as a possible successor to Speaker Pelosi.

“It just seems strange that the social Democrats seem to be targeting members of the Congressional Black Caucus, individuals who have stood and fought to make sure that African Americans are included and part of this process,” Rep. Gregory Meeks of New York, a senior CBC member, told The Hill.

“I don’t know what that agenda is, but if they want to come after members of the Black Caucus, it’s two ways,” warned Meeks, the Queens Democratic Party boss who clashed with Justice Democrats in a local district attorney race last month.

CBC leaders are also reportedly irate that Justice Democrats may target other black lawmakers in the coming weeks and months, including Reps. Yvette Clarke of New York, Joyce Beatty of Ohio, Emanuel Cleaver of Missouri and Anthony Brown of Maryland.

Brown said Chakrabarti’s group has been making calls in his district, actively trying to recruit a challenger to run against him — something that Justice Democrats denies.

In a statement, Justice Democrats’ executive director, Alexandra Rojas, defended the group’s strategy, noting that it has endorsed several candidates of color.

“Barack Obama first ran for Congress in a primary challenge to Rep. Bobby Rush, a CBC member,” Rojas added. “This is a democracy and voters deserve choices.”

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