Trump triumphs at Davos to the dismay of CNN

by WorldTribune Staff, January 28, 2018

The mainstream media pushed the narrative that U.S. President Donald Trump would “bomb” in Davos, Rush Limbaugh noted on Jan. 25.

“He’s gonna be rejected in Davos. He’s gonna be asked to leave in Davos. They’re gonna hate that Trump is there. Trump is gonna be an enemy. These are big globalists! They know the real future of the world; Trump is an archaic dinosaur,” the radio host said.

U.S. President Donald Trump arrives at Davos on Jan. 25. / AP

That, Limbaugh said, was the media narrative.

What actually happened was the opposite of the narrative.

Trump arrived in Davos and was “a rock star,” Limbaugh noted.

“Trump is the guy that’s telling the rest of the world, ‘Your days of cheating us are over. Your days of having your way with us are over. You either play ball with us the way I want you to or we don’t care about you and we are dropping you.’ So the narrative is that Trump will be hated. Trump will be reviled. Trump will not be welcome – and, furthermore, the people in Davos are the brilliant globalists. They are the Obamas of the world, the remaining Obamas.”

Limbaugh illustrated this point by referencing CNN’s Nic Robertson:

During the Arab Spring uprising in Egypt, Robertson had engaged in the following exchange with an Egyptian he interviewed: “Ahmed, you’ve been here, down here on the Square for many days. The United States and the international community… You’ve just listened to President Obama saying that America will support Egypt if it wants help and assistance, and hopes that there will be a good transition for jobs for the young people. What would be your message for President Obama?”

Ahmed’s response: “We don’t know, actually, who he supports. He serves for his own purposes, and the Egyptian people seeks for our freedom and democracy. Any democratic country should see for the people, not for its own purposes.”

Robertson, Limbaugh noted, was “trying to get Egyptians fighting for their lives to praise Barack Obama, to thank Barack Obama for having their backs, for being their inspiration. And these Egyptians couldn’t care less about Obama and they tell Nic Robertson that Obama’s not even on their minds and Obama, if anything, sabotaged what they’re doing. And he talks to three of them, and at the end of it, sums it up by telling us we just heard how much love and adoration there is for Barack Obama on the street, by average Egyptians.”

Limbaugh said he brought up the Egypt exchange “because Nic Robertson and his gang are back in Davos. And they’re trying to drum up the exact opposite on the street there for Trump! They’re trying to drum up a bunch of people that hate Trump, that wish Trump wasn’t there, that wish Trump would leave. And they can’t find anybody other than those who want to praise Trump.”

The media, Limbaugh said, were hoping Trump in Davos “would be received as being rejected, hated, despised. And instead Trump is been embraced, is being applauded. People want to cram the room where he speaks and where he is meeting.”

So, Robertson and Richard Quest from CNN had to report on “Trump’s triumph in Davos, and they’re not happy,” Limbaugh said. “Because they’re missing what’s going on. You gotta understand, these people hate Trump. The media despised him as much as they’ve despised anybody in recent times. But the funny thing is they just can’t deny what they’re seeing with their own eyes in Davos, which is the exact opposite of what they wanted to see or expected to see.”

Robertson said: “Put yourself in Donald Trump’s shoes, and I was just standing there watching him walk in. All you would have seen is an array of people (stammering) filling – filling the room … It did feel like a victory lap … I asked him what was his message for the people here, for the leaders in Davos? And he said, ‘Peace and prosperity! Peace and prosperity!’ Someone else after me asked him, ‘So what…? How do you expect to be received here?’ And you know what his answer was? He just said, ‘Look around you.’ ”

Quest: “I’ve seen Vladimir Putin walk through that lobby. I have seen President Xi last year walk through it. I’ve seen Theresa May, Tony Blair, and almost back to Mitterrand walk through that lobby! None of them closed it down in quite the way we saw today.”

Limbaugh: “They’re watching it; they can’t accept it. It’s not what was supposed to happen! Remember, folks, these people live in a universe they’ve created where everybody hates Trump as they do. Especially the enlightened party-goers at Davos, the enlightened elite of globalists are supposed to hate this guy – and Trump’s waving and people are waving back, and it’s ‘like a victory lap.’ ”

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