Trump slams media’s skewed reporting of Aaron Danielson’s execution

by WorldTribune Staff, September 6, 2020

President Donald Trump lambasted the major media for mostly ignoring the cold-blooded murder of Trump supporter Aaron Danielson in Portland.

Aaron Danielson. / GoFundMe

“They shot a man in the street. They executed a man in the street, a religious man in the street, and you don’t mention it. It’s not even a story,” Trump told members of the media.

The major media, which characterizes the ongoing rioting taking place nationwide as “peaceful protests”, widely ignored the murder of Danielson allegedly at the hands of an Antifa thug.

Michael Forest Reinoehl, who called himself “100% Antifa,” was accused of shooting the 39-year-old Danielson in the chest after reportedly hunting him down in the street. Reinoehl, 48, was killed in Lacey, Washington by federal investigators, according to reports.

Videos posted on social media showed Black Lives Matter and Antifa supporters celebrating Danielson’s death.

“He was targeted, they targeted him, they shot him in the street,” Trump said of Danielson. “And then they were so happy that he died. You don’t mention that, you mention somebody sprayed paint at somebody from the other side.”

The president said “the press is really fueling this, and they’re fueling it horribly and you’re doing a great disservice to your country.”

Thug freed by bail fund touted by Biden and Harris re-arrested in violent assault

An accused felon who was freed from jail thanks to a bail fund that is supported by Joe Biden and Kamala Harris allegedly committed another violent assault.

Lionel Timms was sprung from jail in July thanks to the Minnesota Freedom Fund, which Harris asked people to “chip in” funding to and which several Biden staffers have contributed to.

Timms was re-arrested in August and faces one felony count of third-degree assault — causing substantial bodily harm, after he repeatedly kicked a man in the head. The victim suffered a traumatic brain injury, a fractured skull and brain bleed, Minnesota CBS reported.

Timms is currently in custody and is facing 5 years in prison and up to a $10,000 fine.

The Minnesota Freedom Fund actually said Timms’ violent alleged assault against an innocent man is the government’s fault.

“We paid his bail after working to first ensure that Mr. Timms would be provided with housing and other necessary support as Mr. Timms requested,” the Minnesota Freedom Fund said. “Delays in the government’s processing of his release prevented him from receiving that assistance, setting the stage for the subsequent tragedy.”

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