Trump revolution opening door for conservatives to reclaim culture

by WorldTribune Staff, May 7, 2019

After being all but shut out during 8 years of the Obama administration, interns from conservative and Christian colleges are landing plenty of spots in the Trump administration, a columnist noted.

“Schools such as Liberty University, Patrick Henry College, and Hillsdale College have seen a significant increase in students winning internships in the Republican administration as well as on Capitol Hill and the U.S. Supreme Court, and it follows a surge in their graduates getting jobs in Washington,” Paul Bedard wrote for the Washington Examiner on May 6.

Patrick Henry College has had seven interns in the Trump administration. It had none in the Obama era. / Patrick McKay photo / Wikimedia Commons

During President Barack Obama’s two terms, Liberty University had two interns in the White House. It has placed 11 so far in the Trump White House.

“White House and administration internships are about conveying credibility and peerless experience to the rising generation of young conservatives and men and women of faith,” said former Bush White House official and Focus on the Family Vice President Tim Goeglein.

During President Donald Trump’s two-plus years in office, Liberty has placed 37 students through its Washington Fellowship program into House and Senate offices, Bedard noted. During Obama’s eight years, Liberty had 78 interns on Capitol Hill.

Michigan’s Hillsdale College said its numbers were similar and added that the jobs student interns are taking are much better in the Trump White House, Bedard wrote.

Patrick Henry College, the nation’s first for home-schooled students, is also finding the door open for its interns in the Trump White House after having no interns in the Obama White House. The college in Purcellville, Virginia, about an hour’s drive from the White House, had 11 interns serve in the George W. Bush administration.

Under Trump, Patrick Henry College said it has already had seven students serve as interns. In addition, it has five graduates working as White House staff and dozens on Capitol Hill.

While the White House and the administration “are opening their doors to students from schools such as Hillsdale, Liberty, Patrick Henry, Grove City College, and Regent University, they stress that the students are winning the jobs on merit,” Bedard wrote, citing an administration official as saying “Everyone goes through the same process.”

Matthew Spalding, who heads the Allan P. Kirby, Jr. Center for Constitutional Studies & Citizenship in Washington, said that government and congressional internship offices are attracted to the schools because they press students to write well, study constitutional history, and keep up on current affairs, all key to Washington jobs.

“Our students have the skills that people want,” he said.

Former Virginia Republican Rep. Robert Hurt, executive director of Liberty’s Center for Law and Government, said, “One of our guiding principles here at Liberty is a laser focus on making certain that our students are prepared to hit the ground running as soon as they graduate — regardless of his or her chosen path.”

Hurt added, “We are thankful to the White House — and so many others — who have been willing to provide these once-in-a-lifetime opportunities to our students. We are proud of our success in placing our students in these meaningful internships, and we are equally proud of our many alumni who are now working in Washington and making a positive difference.”

At Virginia’s Regent University, headed by Pat Robertson, a spokesman said, “Our graduates and interns have been competitive and we see a continued level of placements in this administration as we have in previous administrations.”

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