Trump in SC gets laughs about his hair, mocks comedians

by WorldTribune Staff, June 26, 2018

President Donald Trump on June 25 ripped into late night comedians and noted that his hair, which has been the subject of many a late-night attempted joke, has endured “winds that are 60 miles an hour.”

President Donald Trump speaks during a campaign rally for Gov. Henry McMaster at Airport High School in West Columbia, South Carolina on June 25. / Getty Images

Trump, during a rally in South Carolina, called comedian Jimmy Fallon talentless.

Fallon recently apologized for a skit featuring Trump making fun of his hair. Fallon said it was never his intention to humanize Trump.

“So, Jimmy Fallon apologized. He apologized for humanizing me – the poor guy. Because now he’s going to lose all of us. Now he’s going to lose us,” Trump said.

“I mean, honestly, are these people funny?” Trump continued. “And I can laugh at myself. Frankly, if I couldn’t I’d be in big trouble. But there’s no talent. They’re not like talented people.”

The president also slammed Jimmy Kimmel, claiming that the late night host used to wait for Trump outside of the studio and hold doors open for him.

Trump also joked about people who used to insist he was wearing a hairpiece.

“I’ve been caught in rainstorms, I’ve been caught in winds that are like 60 miles an hour,” Trump said. “If it’s not your hair, don’t run for office, folks. Don’t run. Do not run for office because the gig would be up.”

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