Trump: Happy New Year to all, from ‘Marxist lunatics’ to ‘brave and strong’ patriots

by WorldTribune Staff, January 1, 2023

Donald J Trump is not universally popular, but the banning of his name and messages by almost all media has only served to strengthen his brand.

In a New Year’s post on Truth Social, former President Donald Trump hailed the “brave and strong” patriots who “built, love and cherish America” and also wished ‘Happy New Year” to the “Radical Left Democrats and Marxist Lunatics” who are “working to destroy it.”

He also noted how leftist media networks CNN and MSNBC are suffering ratings disasters while at Fox News, “Ratings are also way down because they never say ‘Trump’ or TRUTH, never talk about the Rigged Presidential Election.”

Meanwhile, Trump’s Truth Social platform is now allowed for download on Google’s Play Store. And it’s a hit.

Even the leftist New York Times concedes that Trump’s Truth Social has become “vibrant” and has “managed to outpace its rivals.”

Truth Social instantly skyrocketed to the very top of the charts and remained at the top of the charts as the most downloaded app in the Google Play store for four days.

“Experts say the app itself has only grown more influential in conservative circles ahead of the midterm election. Much of that is owed to former President Donald J. Trump, one of the app’s founders and its star, who now uses Truth Social as his primary megaphone to the world,” the New York Times wrote. “His posts on the site reach more than four million followers and regularly reverberate across mainstream news and social media sites.”

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