Trump comes out swinging on first working day of 2023; Spokeswoman calls for prayer, fasting

by WorldTribune Staff, January 3, 2023

After seven years of investigations against him turned up “nothing,” former President Donald Trump said it is time for the investigators focus on the “real insurrection” including how Joe Biden managed to get installed at the White House in January of 2021.

Recognizing, perhaps, the unprecedented challenges the nation faces, his spokeswoman called for prayer and fasting “for our nation”.

In a series of posts on Truth Social on Monday and Tuesday, Trump said unresolved issues with the 2020 election continue to surface, specifically in the state of Georgia.

Trump also noted how the deputy opinion editor at Newsweek had touted Trump’s approach to China:

“The problem the Democrats have with China is that they are soft on China from a domestic policy, jobs, economy, trade, point of view…something that President Trump really understood.” Batya Ungar-Sargon, Newsweek Deputy Opinion Editor, on Maria B (Hey, what’s up with Newsweek? They are getting MUCH better. I guess they found out, like all of the others, that Fake News isn’t working – they’re all going “BUST”). CHINA OWNS BIDEN, and now, the USA!”

Meanwhile, Trump spokeswoman Liz Harrington posted excerpts from Joel 2 and stated: “Even now… As a new Congress convenes, it is a great time to fast and pray for our nation!”

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