Trump co-defendant who was denied bail speaks out for other inmates in Fulton County Jail

by WorldTribune Staff, August 31, 2023

Only one of the 19 defendants who surrendered at the notorious Fulton County Jail following the indictments filed in Georgia against former President Donald Trump actually did time there. What was it like?

Upon stepping inside, he said  he felt like “Daniel in the lion’s den.”

Harrison Floyd described conditions inside the Fulton County, Georgia jail.

Harrison Floyd, who is active with the group Black Voices for Trump, told Newsmax that while staffers at the jail treated him with respect, “They’re not getting the resources that they need to ensure the safety of the prisoners, to ensure the safety of themselves.”

“There was fecal matter smeared on one of the walls,” Floyd said. “One morning that I woke up, the guy in the cell next to me was getting tased.”

Floyd said as a Marine infantryman, he’s “dealt with worse,” but he called on viewers to pray for the jail’s inmates: “There are some folks who have been in there for two years now and still haven’t got bond. Somehow Fulton County has gone from sharecropping and convict leasing to doing what they’re doing now, leaving folks in jail, making money off of them being in beds, so I’m very blessed and fortunate, and thank you to everyone who fought for me to get out. But there’s still a lot of other people in there who really, really need to get out.”

Floyd has been charged with violating Georgia’s anti-racketeering law, conspiring to commit false statements, and illegally influencing a witness.

Floyd turned himself in on Thursday, but was put in the Fulton County Jail because no bond had been set as he had been treated differently.

“The district attorney’s office never reached out to me,” Floyd told Newsmax. “If they had, I could have connected them with my lawyer here in D.C., and we could have worked out a bond agreement, just like everybody else.”

Eventually, Floyd was released after a $100,000 bond was negotiated between his attorney and the office of Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis.

“I have family in Georgia,” he said. “I have a cousin who was shot six times waiting for an Uber, and they still haven’t found my cousin’s shooter, but they found the time to indict me and 18 others for this silliness.”​

Floyd added that he’s considering a run for office after what he experienced.

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