Transgender monkeys: A taxpayer-funded priority for Fauci’s NIAID

by WorldTribune Staff, June 24, 2022

Dr. Anthony Fauci’s National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) used hundreds of thousands of dollars in U.S. taxpayer money in an attempt to turn monkeys transgender.

Fauci’s agency awarded grants totaling $478,188 in Fiscal Years 2021 and 2022 to inject hormones into male monkeys to make them female, according to

‘It is unclear if an official ethical justification for this experiment was ever provided.’

The funds were doled out by NIAID, which received a grant from the National Institutes of Health (NIH), to Scripps Research in Jupiter, Florida.

The researchers stated that “TGW [transgender women] have some of the highest concentrated HIV epidemics in the world, with a pooled global prevalence of 19% and a 49-fold higher odds ratio of acquiring HIV than non-transgender adults. A key part of gender affirmation in TGW is feminizing hormone therapy (FHT), of which the main drug is the hormone estradiol.”

To address this, the researchers “will model FHT [female hormone therapy] in nonhuman primates to prospectively address two knowledge gaps about the impact of FHT on the male immune system… Ultimately, the experiments proposed here will begin to uncover how FHT can affect HIV susceptibility and the outcome of immune interventions in TGW.”

All grantees that receive funding from the NIH are required to follow the ethical guidelines put forth in the Guide for Care and Use of Laboratory Animals. It states that “Studies that may result in…significant alterations in the animals’ ability to maintain normal physiology…should include descriptions of appropriate humane endpoints or provide science-based justification for not using a particular, commonly accepted humane endpoint.”

“It is unclear if an official ethical justification for this experiment was ever provided,” OpenTheBooks noted in its #WasteOfTheDay report.

The chief bioethicist at NIH is Fauci’s wife, Christine Grady. Grady earned $238,970 in 2021 which is more than the vice president makes each year.

The grants defy imagination, but there are many others, OpenTheBooks noted.

They include:

• 2.2 million deceased people received $3.6 billion in economic stimulus checks. The government asked for it back, but dead people are notoriously bad about paying up. The federal government is equally bad about clawing it back.

• The Small Business Administration (SBA) doled out 57,000 Paycheck Protection Plan (PPP) forgivable loans to entities on the Do Not Pay list housed at Treasury. Again, why have a do not pay list if you are not going to check it. Cost to taxpayers? $3.6 billion.

• NIH doled out a $463,330 grant to researchers at Reed College (Portland, Oregon) to “create a token-based economy where pigeons are taught to gamble with slot machines.”

• The National Science Foundation gave a $556,584 grant that, in part, funded a study of beasts pooping — yes, The Hydrodynamics of Defecation. Animal bowel movements were measured, studied and documented including the release of four very gross videos.

• Nearly $7 million was spent on technology to film your butt — while you’re on the toilet. The National Cancer Institute gave this grant to Sanford University, whose researchers admitted, “To fully reap the benefits of the smart toilet, users must make their peace with a camera that scans their anus.”

• The National Science Foundation gave a $300,000 grant for a virtual reality penguin study and gave Harvard a $75,000 grant to “blow lizards off trees with leaf blowers.”

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