Top Trump trade official and CCP foe Dr. Peter Navarro ordered to prison on March 19

by WorldTribune Staff, March 11, 2024

Peter Navarro, a top Trump White House trade adviser, has been ordered to report to federal prison in Miami on March 19 to begin serving his four-month sentence for contempt of Congress.

Peter Navarro

Navarro was sentenced in January to for not complying with a subpoena issued by the J6 House Select Committee. He was convicted in the case in September, being found guilty of two counts of contempt of Congress.

Human Events editor Jack Posobiec noted in a Telegram post: “Peter Navarro was the #1 China trade hawk in the entire Trump admin, he was Trump’s Director of Trade and Manufacturing, the CCP’s top adversary and hated by their Wall St cronies. Are you paying attention yet?”

“Dr. Navarro has now been ordered to report to the custody of the Bureau of Prisons, FCI Miami, on or before 2:00PM EDT on March 19, 2024,” Navarro’s attorney wrote in court papers late Sunday.

“Accordingly, Dr. Navarro respectfully reiterates his request for an administrative stay … Should this Court deny Dr. Navarro’s motion, he respectfully requests an administrative stay so as to permit the Supreme Court review of this Court’s denial.”

In early February, United States District Court Judge Amit Mehta, an Obama appointee, rejected Navarro’s appeal to remain free while working to overturn the conviction, and ordered him to report to prison.

Navarro, who said he did not comply with the subpoena because he believed that executive privilege had been invoked, said he plans to continue his appeals to try to overturn his conviction.

“United States v. Peter Navarro is a landmark constitutional case that will eventually determine whether the constitutional separation of powers is preserved, whether executive privilege will continue to exist as a bulwark against partisan attacks by the legislative branch, and whether executive privilege will remain, as President George Washington pioneered, a critical instrument of effective presidential decision-making,” Navarro told the New York Post in a statement

“That’s worth fighting for on behalf of all Americans.”

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