‘Top Gun’ blockbuster is ‘woketard’ nightmare

by WorldTribune Staff, June 6, 2022

The woke mob’s danger zone has been breached. Leftists do not have that loving feeling.

In its first 10 days, Top Gun: Maverick took in $300 million.

Tom Cruise in Top Gun: Maverick

The Tom Cruise-driven blockbuster dropped just 32 percent in its second weekend, which is considered extraordinary in the movie biz. Most blockbusters dip 60 percent or more.

“Leftists are already mad that a non-woke movie that doesn’t violate human nature with woke lectures, woke perversion, woke revisionism, and woke emasculation” has had such overwhelming success, Breitbart’s John Nolte noted.

Top Gun 2 is overperforming in a way that the woke mob can only dream of.

Nolte listed a few:

• Woke West Side Story: Flop
• Woke Eternals: Flop
• Woke In the Heights: Flop
• Woke Wonder Woman1984: Flop
• Woke Charlie’s Angels: Flop
• Woke Men In Black International: Flop
• Woke Birds of Prey: Flop
• Woke Ghostbusters 3: Flop
• Woke The 355: Flop.
• Woke Terminator Dark Fate: Flop
• Woke Oscars: flop
• Woke Netflix: Stock tanking
• Woke Groomers at Disney: Stock tanking
• Woke Star Wars: Doornail dead as a film franchise.

Top Gun: Maverick has avoided the same fate, Nolte noted, by “respecting human nature” and eschewing progressive commentary. “It didn’t do what James Bond did — turn itself into a mewling little pajama boy gerbil of a movie. It didn’t do what Star Wars did and pervert a romantic adventure series into a shrill Womyn’s Studies lecture.”

Meanwhile, leftist pundits, or “woketards” as Nolte dubs them, have sought to turn audiences off from Top Gun: Maverick. They have failed miserably.

Vanity Fair sneered that the film is a “beautifully produced military recruitment ad.”

Salon insisted: “No, ‘Top Gun’ isn’t an anti-woke success story, but rather a tribute to aging Tom Cruise and balls.”

Nolte noted: “And yet ‘balls’ is exactly what’s missing in the growing mountain of woke flops, no? You know, balls as in masculinity instead of creepy men in high heels. You know, ‘balls’ as in confidence and bravery, as opposed to an iconic hero (Luke Skywalker) rewritten by woketards into an aging loser shamed into action by a charisma-free woman with the body of a 12-year-old boy?”

The Guardian seethed with its own defensive headline: “No, Top Gun: Maverick’s success isn’t down to being pro-America and anti-woke.”

The subheadline spells it out for any deplorables who might be reading: “Rightwing pundits have tried to claim the sequel’s box office success as their success but there are enough examples to show that this isn’t the case.”

And then, as Nolte points out, the Guardian proves its own headline a lie: “It is indeed true that Top Gun: Maverick does not go out of its way to celebrate inclusion and diversity in the sometimes-cloying, corporate way most closely associated with various Disney properties.”

Nolte added: “Bingo! We don’t go to the movies to celebrate inclusion and diversity because inclusion and diversity are f—ing stupid. We’re Americans. We don’t dwell on our differences, especially differences as shallow as skin color. Instead, we come together as one to get the job done. Themes drive good movies. ‘Inclusion’ and ‘diversity’ are not themes. Instead, they’re buzzwords spouted by smug, over-educated, shallow bullies whose self-esteem is based on everything but character and integrity.”

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