This is personal, ‘good ole Joe’: You are a swamp-dweller and should stay in your basement

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Commentary by John McNabb

This morning I am watching Democrat senators attack Judge Barrett. Accusing her and seeking to diminish her by presuming to know that she will vote to end the ACA. What a demeaning gut shot to condemn her for something in the future. What arrogance and audacity to suggest that Judge Barrett is a political hack like them who would vote on future issues along partisan lines as if she were a legislator.

Just more attacks, pontification and a waste of time and taxpayers’ money. Joe Biden just went public with the idiotic comment that seating Judge Barrett would be unconstitutional. What follows, Joe, is for you.

Joe Biden’s ‘purview and depth of understanding of our country’s issues are a thousand miles wide and a sixteenth of an inch deep.’

Sir, you must not have read the Constitution. I have, every word many times over. The Senate can replace a Supreme Court vacancy at will through a vetting process and a vote of confirmation. What is on display today is the same arrogance and nastiness from the Schumers, the Feinsteins and of course pathetic Patrick Leahy, Kamala Harris and the ever ridiculous “DaNang Dick“ Blumenthal who scolds others on ethics.

And Mazie Hirono, another Democrat senatorial lowlight. Who embarrassingly isn’t able to read her staff-prepared talking points effectively – another example of the failure of our educational system and the depth of the Democrat Party’s demise. Every time they open their mouths, they eloquently make the case for term limits in the Congress.

It is a national outrage that a person like you is standing for president of the United States. I will measure you below against my own experience simply to make a point: Freedom from tyranny under the rule of law made the USA a light unto the nations by allowing all to realize their God-given potential. Based on your lack of achievement and questionable conduct, how could you even aspire to lead the millions in this country whose sacrifices, initiatives and hard work have made this the greatest and wealthiest nation in the world.

But let’s focus on you, Joe. After all you are making a show of actually running for president of the United States. I saw a photo of you at a campaign event this week in Erie, Pennsylvania. Why bother flying to northern Pennsylvania to speak to what looked like fifteen people and then stumble away for fear of having to go off script and answer a question? In the past several days you have stated that you are running for the Senate and thought you were in Arizona instead of Nevada. It appears that you have deteriorated both mentally and physically. And you are the best candidate that your party could come up with? Incredible but also troubling! My opinion is that you aren’t mentally and physically capable of handling the rigors of the White House.

John T. McNabb, right, with candidate Donald Trump at a meeting of the Trump Leadership Council. / John McNabb

Let’s look at history since there is nothing on your resume to discuss. I remember several years ago meeting with various United States senators in the Russell Senate Office Building in support of President Trump’s Tax Reform Act of which I and others played a role in developing. The Tax Reform Act has benefited all Americans but especially Middle America and lower-income Americans.

During these meetings I heard a comment about “Good Ole Joe Biden”. A fun guy, a clown. The Senate is a 100-member club in a “clubby” environment. Not my kind of club. But there he is, Good Ole Joe. Always a big-tooth smile and a handshake looking for the next dollar, ruble or yuan.

Many of our United States senators have served multiple six-year terms. For many that’s all they have accomplished period. Getting re-elected, raising money from other people and spending our taxpayers’ money. Few have any military or real business experience. And that was on display from your Democrat colleagues this morning. Again, term limits anyone?

Good Ole Joe you have obviously thrived in the DC Swamp for forty plus years. That is basically all you have done with your “professional” life.

Your purview and depth of understanding of our country’s issues are a thousand miles wide and a sixteenth of an inch deep. No substance, just the ability to not so subtlety peddle positional influence for personal benefit and for the benefit of your family. The recent email trove just released belied your position that you never discussed Burisma business with your son, Hunter Biden. Here’s the guy who knows nothing about the energy business and can’t speak any of the appropriate languages in order to communicate as a Burisma company board member. How in the world does that happen? It’s through you, Good Ole Joe.

Good Ole Joe, you and I are about the same age, but I don’t hide out in my basement. I don’t have folks telling me what to say. I don’t wear a wire to keep on message. I am fully capable of communicating without my minders or my wife’s help. And I don’t need my wife to help me walk downstairs from an airplane that somebody else is paying for. Although I stopped riding motorcycles this year and quit piloting airplanes some time ago, I can still function physically and mentally.

Let’s note the obvious: I am not running for president of our great nation, but you are.

You are the prototype of a career politician. A creature of the DC Swamp. A person who has spent his life on the taxpayers’ dole. Never running anything but your mouth. And obviously not doing that very well these days. The old adage “if one doesn’t want people to think one is stupid then keep your mouth shut”. Good Ole Joe you are doing a fantastic job of hiding out in your basement, refusing to answer audience and media questions and trying not to appear stupid. These days when you aren’t on script, you have said some incredibly ugly things. Especially your many racist and sexist comments. Do you want me to replay some of them?

I have heard and seen your comments about growing up hardscrabble. You have no idea. My four grandparents had seven years of schooling. Two of them didn’t attend school. Twelve members of my family were killed in coal mine accidents and my grandfather’s brother, a coal mine superintendent, was shot to death on his front porch during a mine war. Three great young men were murdered in my hometown: a cousin who was a football teammate and went on to play college football, another athletic competitor and teammate and yet another high school friend.

I remember when I was about six-years-old, I walked into my grandparents’ home and there was a banty rooster of a young man with slicked back hair wearing dress clothes, suspenders and playing the fiddle. He could play that fiddle and he was one of your best friends in the Senate according to what I have read and seen in photographs. It was of course Robert C Byrd who was then a West Virginia state senator and knew my family very well. I maintained a relationship with United States Sen. Byrd long after. Following my first Vietnam combat flying tour, I was his guest during Senate proceedings. I served two Vietnam combat flying tours. I don’t believe that you served in our military. I did and was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross.

Why didn’t you serve? I was married but didn’t try to sleaze out of serving my country. But I recall recently seeing a video clip of your talking down to some American military members in uniform and calling them “stupid bastards”. Mr. Vice President you called me a “stupid bastard” and every military woman and man who has ever served our country. If you wish, I am able to escort you to the graves of great young patriots in Arlington Cemetery and identify them and tell their stories of patriotism and paying the ultimate price. Those young men were either personal friends, classmates, teammates or flying squadron mates of mine. Are they “Stupid Bastards”? You see Good Ole Joe, the reckless things that you have said and done over the years absolutely have consequences.

But back to Sen. Robert C Byrd. You called him a friend and mentor. He was senior officer of the Ku Klux Klan. Did you know that Good Ole Joe? Of course you did. I actually never knew that Sen. Byrd was a KKK senior officer. The Ku Klux Klan was the enforcement arm of the Solid South Democrat Party that enforced strict racial segregation throughout the South with state legislation. That was “Jim Crow” Good Ole Joe. Your Democrat Party disenfranchised American Blacks for hundreds of years! The Democrat Plantation.

The author was awarded a football scholarship by Duke University.

Another one of your Democrat buddies was Gov. George C. Wallace of Alabama. According to the media you were a supporter of Gov. Wallace and fond of him. I was invited to play for the South in the 1965 nationally televised Christmas night Blue Gray All Star Football Classic. The night before at a very well attended dinner in Montgomery, Alabama Gov. Wallace presented me with a signed letter bestowing me the title of Honorary Colonel in the Great State of Alabama Militia of which George Wallace was the Commander-in-Chief. I believe at one time you commended him for his leadership. Leadership of what? Jim Crow?

During the recent presidential debate you kept trying to press President Trump to disavow White Supremacy! Incredible, Good Ole Joe. Your long history belies you. I know President Trump, like me, sees no color. Good Ole Joe who is the White Supremacist? Not I and not my President.

I grew up as a Democrat but didn’t understand your Party’s Jim Crow and segregationist bent. I have never seen color. I see integrity and character. Neither have color.

I started punching a time clock when I was ten years-old in the summers in a meat plant and continued that through high school. The company always had an integrated workforce. I continued as a Democrat from that time until, when at Mobil Oil, I did some company-approved advance work for the White House. The Democrat Party had changed so drastically by that time that I did the right thing and walked away just as other disenchanted Democrats are doing today.

I read where you graduated from a lower-tier law school finishing 76th out of a class of 85. Wow! I remember my parents schooling me to do my very best in any endeavor. No excuses. Later I met with the dean of a top five ranked law school and after he reviewed my credentials I was verbally admitted. I didn’t have the money to attend law school so that admission wouldn’t have worked anyway. I also didn’t have the money to attend an undergraduate college.

But thanks to many scholarship offers to play football in various schools comprising what are now the Atlantic Coast, Southeastern, Big 12, and Big 10 Conferences and appointments to both the United States Military Academy and the United States Naval Academy I was blessed to attend and graduate from my choice of colleges, Duke University, a football power sixty years ago. I saw where you said you played college football for the University of Delaware Blue Hens. Maybe it was freshman football. I couldn’t find anything of your Delaware football experience. If you wish you can surf my college football records at Duke University. All Conference and All American honors, and I turned down a professional football contract.

The author in 1969, with the 355th Tactical Fighter Wing at Takhli Royal Thai Air Force Base. / John McNabb

I then served Uncle Sam but in a very much different role than you. My service was supporting Arc Light bombing missions and Wild Weasel surface-to-air missile search and destroy sorties over Laos and North Vietnam. Risking all. Very different from a bad meal or traffic in DC!

What has become of our nation’s capital during your tenure?

The last time Congress was physically dangerous was in 1856. But today there is a different form of “Caning” which is how your Democrat friends in the Senate tried to destroy the character Supreme Court Associate Justice Brett Kavanaugh and what your Democrat Senate club members are doing this morning to Judge Amy Coney Barrett.

But back to 1856 when one of your predecessors, a pro-slavery Democrat Rep. Preston Brooks almost killed Republican Sen. Charles Summer with a cane resulting from the Republican senator’s impassioned anti-slavery speech before Congress. That gruesome act was then referred to as “the breakdown of reasoned discourse”. Had Sen. Sumner watched what you, Barack Obama, your leftist pals, Antifa, BLM and the mainstream quisling media have done to destroy constructive dialogue and reasonable discourse he wouldn’t recognize what he helped heal after the Civil War.

You and I, Good Ole Joe, fortunately have very little in common. One experience sticks in my mind, however. It is an issue many Americans have not forgotten. Benghazi.

I was the Chief Executive Officer of a multi-billion dollar international energy firm and had a business in Libya when you were a heartbeat away from the presidency under Barack Obama. I had offices in Tripoli where I met with Amb. Chris Stevens’ senior staff as a courtesy and in Benghazi where you, Obama, Clinton and your lapdogs in the intelligence agencies later sacrificed Amb. Stevens and three other valiant Americans. Your administration continued to be unresponsive to Amb. Stevens’ pleas for additional security and support. By the way I had a visit with CIA Op Ty Woods’ widow Dr. Dorothy Woods and new son a few years ago. Playing games with people’s lives. And Hillary Clinton keeps wanting to “move on” from the subject of Benghazi.

At that time Libya was totally safe for me prior to your taking out Muammar Gadhafi. “Too Big to Fail” Hillary Clinton had a hand in this as secretary of state. The majestic Corinthia Hotel located by the Mediterranean and near the Marcus Aurelius Arch, the old British Embassy and Green Park was my home away from home until it was attacked by terrorists killing many hotel guests. Your participation in Obama’s “apology tour” which caused havoc throughout the Middle East started the short but steep slide of Libya into a non-state of warlords and foreign powers. That’s just one example of your many foreign policy dalliances. Your China and Ukraine “peddling influence” are just other unfortunate, unseemly and tawdry examples of your feckless and failed leadership.

Another of our unintended commonalities relates to our nation’s economy. You and Obama oversaw the worst American economic performance of any presidency since the Great Depression. Not one year of 3 percent GDP growth during your eight-year reign. It took your administration four years to recover to a 7 percent unemployment rate from the financial crisis.

The Trump/Pence COVID 19 recovery back to a 7 percent unemployment rate took less than one year. The stunner will be that this year’s third quarter economic growth will be the highest quarterly rate of GDP growth in our country’s history. It will be a “V” shaped recovery. Count on it.

When Barack Obama was elected my wife Darlene asked me for my thoughts. I said that Obama had a quarter page resume but if he would focus on jobs his presidency would be off to a good start. But Good Ole Joe you and Barack did everything but. From “shovel ready” jobs to the Solyndra investment your economic plan was full of politics and favors and light on job creation and economic growth. For example, Obama said manufacturing jobs which economic policies destroyed would never come back — he was wrong of course. After all Obama had a quarter page resume. It’s hard to destroy the wonderful engine that is the American Economy but you and Barack Obama gave it a serious try.

In President Trump’s first term America has experienced incredible recurring, record peaks of financial indices and job growth. During President Trump’s first presidential term African American unemployment reached an all-time low as did Hispanic unemployment. Unemployment for American women reached a post-Korean War low. Those are facts not rhetoric, Good Ole Joe.

Now our nation is less than a month away from the most crucial election since Abraham Lincoln’s presidency. We are that point again as a nation.

A vote for you is a vote for higher, job-killing taxes and additional subtle taxes heaped on to our American citizenry such as the New Green Deal.

A vote for you absolves you and many of your nefarious little swamp-dwellers of the biggest crime in our nation’s history — Obamagate!

A vote for you is a vote of affirmation of the Soros family, BLM and Antifa.

A vote for you is an affirmation of the crime-ridden leadership of Democrats in Portland, Seattle, St. Louis, New York City, Chicago, Minneapolis, Baltimore, Atlanta, Detroit and Louisville.

A vote for Good Ole Joe Biden is a nation-wounding event for our two-hundred-year plus Republic, once the shining star of liberty and justice for all worldwide.

And finally, a vote for Good Ole Joe Biden is in reality a vote for President Kamala Harris, reparations and a Pandora’s Box of nation-killing incompetence.

You cannot look me in the eye nor meet your own gaze in the mirror. Shame on you.

John T. McNabb is co-founder of the Trump Leadership Council and former chairman and CEO of Willbros Group. He also serves as chairman of the Free Press Foundation Advisory Board and co-chair of Council for a Secure America.