The Watergate parallel: ‘Do we really want to go through this again?’

by WorldTribune Staff, November 1, 2016

A Hillary Clinton presidency would mirror that of Richard Nixon during Watergate, columnist and former Nixon administration official Pat Buchanan said.

If “this distrusted and disbelieved woman, does take the oath of office on Jan. 20, there is a real possibility that, like Nixon, down the road a year or two, she could be forced from office,” Buchanan wrote on Oct. 31.

nixon-hillary-erased-evidence“Do we really want to go through this again?”

If Hillary Clinton does make it to the White House, “the email scandal, the pay-for-play scandal involving the Clinton Foundation, ‘Bill Clinton Inc.,’ the truthfulness of her testimony and reports of Clinton-paid dirty tricksters engaging in brownshirt tactics at Trump rallies are all going to be investigated more thoroughly by the FBI,” Buchanan wrote.

“And if Clinton is president, there is no way her Justice Department can investigate the Clinton scandals, any more than this city in the early 1970s would entrust an investigation into Watergate to the Nixon Justice Department.

“If Clinton wins this election, and Republicans hold onto one or both houses of Congress, investigations of the Clinton scandals will start soon after her inaugural and will go on for years. And the clamor for a special prosecutor, who will, as Archibald Cox did with Nixon, build a huge staff and spend years investigating, will become irresistible.”

“What appears about to happen seems inevitable and predictable,” Buchanan wrote.

On Oct. 30, John Fund also noted the parallels between Nixon and Hillary Clinton in a column for the National Review:

“Nixon set up an elaborate system to capture the flow of daily communication through tape recordings. Hillary’s obsession with control led her to use a private server. Nixon was suspicious of the bureaucracy and tightly limited information to just a few zealous aides. Hillary bypassed the State Department’s IT specialists and also relied on a few loyalists.

“If Hillary is elected, will we have to go through another “long national nightmare,” the memorable phrase Nixon’s successor, Gerald Ford, used to describe the consequences of Nixon’s cover-up?” Fund asked.