The ‘trusting American voter’ and the end of freedom

Lev Navrozov

We trace the mental development of mankind only as far back as, say, one of the tribesmen of that distant time would if he could write and did write on a certain surface that we have found x thousand years later and were able to decipher what he wrote at that time.

Let us suppose, however, that we did get a tribesman’s message from that distant past with all oh, so valuable information we needed: The “God” of the “People’s Republic of China” would appear to smash Stalin while he still was alive, as Hitler meant to do!

China's paramilitary force recruits undergo a training session in China's Xinjiang region. /AFP

The history of mankind includes two basic achievements: constitutional freedom and “goods and services.”
Constitutional freedom means freedom to say or to do anything except what harms others, according to the courts of law.

“Goods and services” is an unprecedented industrial development of what a human being needs or may need.
Well, all of the above has been developing mostly in the last few centuries. But what about the millennia before?

In the centuries before our era and even more so in the millennia before that, history stood still, and there is nothing more terrible than that.

Take post-1917 communist Russia. Was it more or was it less horrible than National Socialism in Germany? Was it any better? Ironically, the word “Nazi,” derived from the word “National,” replaced “National Socialism” to avoid demonizing the word “socialism” so beautiful and so dear to all “socialists.”

Or take the “People’s Republic of China,” (PRC), or simply “China,” as it existed as long as did Western Europe. What do we see? The “People’s Republic of China” is as merciless and inhuman as were some “slave societies” in Europe millennia ago.

The PRC’s military nightmares are likely to be incomparably worse than the crimes perpetrated by Hitler or than the wars of thousands of years ago! What has the PRC contributed to mankind except horrors? Nothing! The PRC uses (buys or steals) the scientific and technological achievements of free countries to increase its military potential in order to eventually conquer the world, that is, to make it suffer more than it ever did.

But aren’t the most sensible countries doing everything in their power to save our globe from the greatest looming disaster that ever threatened it?

Let’s take a look at the countries dedicated to freedom, permitting a private citizen to make as much money as possible by employing as many workers as he or she believes are needed for the most efficient and successful production of goods and services. Marx, Lenin, and Stalin regarded private producers as thieves, robbers, and criminals. But was that not because Marx was an idiot, Lenin was a hypocrite, and Stalin was a bandit on a grand scale?

Ironically, haven’t the democracies done enough already to help the “People’s Republic of China” capture the world by selling them latest technological achievements and military equipment? Their indifference to the destiny of mankind and their kindness to global criminals are absolutely mind-boggling.

Obama has been elected through “general election,” and perhaps will be re-elected as the U.S. president. The Analysis of the Brain, the research started at the end of the 19th century and described in a book published in the United States in 1922, confirmed what had been noticed long ago: people do not have identical brains.

A majority of Americans voted for Obama because of the benefits he so eloquently promised to provide them if elected.

It is absolutely unbelievable that they might trust his failed promises again and re-elect him to a second term. As for Obama’s foreign policy, his friendship and express loyalty to communist China in particular, and the future destiny of the United States, those who voted for him didn’t consider it their business and believed that Obama knows better.

When troops of the “People’s Republic of China,” whose population is 1.3 billion, invade the United States “in a friendly manner,” possibly all Americans, with rare exceptions of those who will be spared and given special privileges for having contributed their friendship and “brotherly love” for the Chinese communist regime, will be annihilated. But there will be much more in store for them to witness: a worthy end of the trusting American voters and then perhaps the end of the global democracy and the very population of the democratic countries.

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