The socialist democrats in Congress have no idea how to run this country or a popcorn stand

Special to WorldTribune, December 10, 2019

Commentary by  Charles Togias

I have always considered the United States as the largest corporation in the world. The democratic socialists, who have no conception of how to run a successful small business, corporation or country, are trying to influence America and determine what success is.

The far-left socialists trying to pass themselves off as experts in this area is the equivalent of the big con. They believe you give free stuff to everyone and apply huge taxes to any and all successful companies. They have no business or common sense when it comes to creating a successful environment. Yet many of them are being elected to Congress and passing themselves off as experts.

Popcorn stand in Granite Falls, Minnesota. / Video image

Our politicians always present themselves as representatives of the people and are always looking out for we the people’s best interest. Yet the Dems are trying to impeach President Trump for Russian/Ukraine involvement in the 2016 Presidential election.

Who has benefited more under this President than many of those Americans in need? Let’s look at some of the president’s many accomplishments: Lowest unemployment for Black-Americans, Hispanic-Americans and Asian-Americans and the highest yearly income growth for average Americans. Also, the stock market is at the highest level ever! This means little to nothing to the far left media and those in Congress!

These same politicians are becoming very wealthy as a result of their collusion with special interests. To verify this fact, I propose that all politicians should be investigated regarding their net worth prior to serving and what they are worth now. How come many of them are millionaires when serving 8 years our more? Be assured many of them do not represent the people!!!

These hypocrites are do nothing finger-pointers only interested in power and money! They are there to serve themselves!

Now, these far-left finger pointers are dedicated and consumed with President Trump’s removal from office. The president must be cutting into their profits.

Beware America. Term limits are the only way to stop this thievery and unfortunately, that will never happen as the politicians are the ones who have to approve it!

Charles Togias is the author of POLITICAL CORRECTNESS is TOTAL BS