Question: Which Democrat will emerge as the No. 1 never-Trumper?

WorldTribune, July 8, 2019

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Question of the Day, 14, 2019: Never mind the polls. Who will be the Democrat Party candidate for president in 2020 and why?

Question of the Day, July 12, 2019:

The Jeffrey Epstein scandal fits the narrative about President Donald Trump that the Democrat Party and the Mainstream Media have been propagating since the height of the 2016 campaign. As the Russia collusion excitement fades, who’s the real target of the revived Epstein investigation?


Trump. Of course. This is the work of the paid media, to look for something or someone with a thread tied to Trump then turn things around & get Trump. – Fay Jacinto

The obvious target should be all the who traveled with Epstein, but Schumer has already coined the phrase “the Trump-Epstein scandal” as he scrambles to refind money he took from ol’ Jeff.😆

So no matter how convoluted it maye, Dems will blame Trmp. – Dorothy Scheler

The indictment was made in NY, so we all know they think they can embarrass or ruin our President somehow. – Tina Sears

Everyone involved should be the target. – Jhoram Dilk