The kingdom and the power: Meanwhile, it’s WikiLeaks that reveals the wielding of power by the Democrat elite

by WorldTribune Staff, November 2, 2016

While the re-opened FBI investigation is the current focus of headlines, it is the contents of John Podesta’s emails released by WikiLeaks that reveal just how the power-hungry elites are running America, a columnist for the left-leaning London Guardian writes.

The significance of the emails released by WikiLeaks “goes far beyond mere scandal: they are a window into the soul of the Democratic Party and into the dreams and thoughts of the class to whom the party answers,” Thomas Frank wrote on Oct. 31.

Hillary Clinton and President Barack Obama chat during a birthday party for Vernon Jordan's wife, Ann Jordan, center, on Aug. 15, 2014 on Martha's Vineyard. /Nancy Ellison/Polaris
Hillary Clinton and President Barack Obama chat during a birthday party for Vernon Jordan’s wife, Ann Jordan, center, on Aug. 15, 2014 on Martha’s Vineyard. /Nancy Ellison/Polaris

The “class” Frank refers to “are the comfortable and well-educated mainstay of our modern Democratic Party. They are also the grandees of our national media; the architects of our software; the designers of our streets; the high officials of our banking system; the authors of just about every plan to fix social security or fine-tune the Middle East with precision droning.

“They are, they think, not a class at all but rather the enlightened ones, the people who must be answered to but who need never explain themselves.”

WikiLeaks also exposes how the “Vineyard” figures prominently for the “enlightened ones” – that being Martha’s Vineyard in Massachusetts.

A Hillary campaign aide recommended that a policy statement appear on a certain day so that “it won’t get in the way of any other news we are trying to make – but far enough ahead of Hamptons and Vineyard money events”.

In another email chain, the Clinton team appears to scheme to “hit” Bernie Sanders for attending “DSCC retreats on Martha’s Vineyard with lobbyists”.

Thomas writes: “This genre of Podesta email, in which people try to arrange jobs for themselves or their kids, points us toward the most fundamental thing we know about the people at the top of this class: their loyalty to one another and the way it overrides everything else. Of course Hillary Clinton staffed her state department with investment bankers and then did speaking engagements for investment banks as soon as she was done at the state department. Of course she appears to think that any kind of bank reform should ‘come from the industry itself’. And of course no elite bankers were ever prosecuted by the Obama administration.

“Read these emails and you understand, with a start, that the people at the top tier of American life all know each other. They are all engaged in promoting one another’s careers, constantly.”

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