The homosexualizing of America: ‘Definitive’ study finds nation’s youth swayed by educators, propaganda

by WorldTribune Staff, March 19, 2017

Hollywood, schools and the U.S. government have undertaken a broad effort to “homosexualize” the nation’s youth – and it’s working, researchers say.

“Teenagers are acquiring homosexual experience and interests at a rapid rate. Young adult homosexuality is growing as well. What our grandparent’s generation tried to protect kids from is now being taught as a ‘civil right’ and an “obligation to support and join with sexual minorities. Our youth are obeying,” two researchers wrote, citing a “massive” and “definitive” 25-year study by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC).

“Over the last decade, the relative proportion of U.S. teenagers claiming to be homosexual has increased 85 percent; the relative proportion who have not made up their minds about embracing homosexuality has increased 53 percent; and those claiming interest only in the opposite sex has dropped 6 percent. If you’ve ever wondered if homosexuality is learned, believe it, Paul Cameron, head of the Family Research Institute, and Dr. Kirk Cameron, statistical scientist at the institute, said in a March 17 essay published by WorldNetDaily.

“No society has ever pushed homosexuality to its youth. Indeed, all have tried to protect them from it, (In 1950 a U.S. congressional report called homosexuals dangerous deviants who should not be allowed near youth in government employ.) From gay pride parades, to Disney secreting “little gay messages” into its films, to the CDC recommending that all schools have gay/straight clubs, boosting homosexuality is the flavor of our new ‘sensitive society.’ ”

“The explosion in high school is swelling homosexuality among younger adults,” the researchers wrote.

According to a Gallup report, in 2012, 43 percent of all adult LGBs were aged 18 to 36. In 2016, 58 percent were.

“We’ve gone from 5.8 percent of all adults to 7.3 percent in a veritable twinkling – on pace for 10 percent of adults to be potentially dabbling in homosexuality by our next presidential election!,” the researchers wrote.

The researchers said that the strategy is working, “especially among girls. Gallup reports that the majority of homosexuals 20 years ago were men – 55 percent now are women. By painting gays as ‘victims’ under the ‘civil rights’ umbrella, these efforts have many girls ‘feeling sorry for’ lesbians in the same manner they use to rescue wayward guys. And the feminist anti-male attitude and proliferation of female sports teams (along with many lesbian coaches) are added motivations to go gay as well.”

Every other year since 1991, the CDC has been surveying tens of thousands of high school students. The CDC’s “Youth Risk Behavior Surveillance” study has been “tracking how many teenagers are having sex and the problems associated with sexual preferences and activities for 25 years. While no survey is perfect, this one is so massive and well-done, its findings can reasonably be regarded as definitive,” the researchers said.

“If you accept the claims of gay activists and not a few shrinks that ‘people are born homosexual,’ think again. In 2001-09, 92.1 percent of U.S. high school students said they were only sexually interested in the opposite sex. In 2015 (the last year for which we have data), 86.5 percent did – that’s 6 percent fewer, or 900,000 kids. A decade ago 5.1 percent (or 800,000) said they were sexually interested in their own sex; in 2015, 1.5 million (an additional 704,000 more) said so – an increase of 84.2 percent. And where 2.6 percent of kids in the 2001-9 survey said they were unsure of their sexual identity, 4 percent made the same report in 2015 – an increase of 53 percent.”

“The evidence almost 40 years later is substantial and uniform everywhere you look.”