The case of a sword attack, a MAGA hat and a bloody photo posted on social media

by WorldTribune Staff, April 2, 2019

San Francisco police are reportedly looking for a man who used a sword to cut another man’s hand after the man tried to snatch the alleged sword-wielder’s red MAGA hat. Such is the most recent version of the alleged incident.

The San Francisco Chronicle reported on March 31: “A sword-wielding assailant wearing a red ‘Make America Great Again’ hat slashed a man in the hand during an altercation outside a popular roller-skating rink in San Francisco’s Western Addition on Friday (March 29), officials said.”

MAGA hat at scene of alleged sword attack.

The Chronicle report gives no description of the alleged sword-wielding MAGA hat wearer despite quoting in the article a police spokesman and a witness who allegedly saw the man with the sword.

KRON4 TV and NBC Bay Area also reported on the incident. All of the reports cited police and at least one witness saying the man with the sword was wearing a red MAGA hat, but none of the reports gave a description of the man.

NBC Bay Area reported that David Miles, who owns the roller-skating rink, said he did not witness the alleged attack, but said he did see a man dressed as a pirate wearing a “Make America Great Again” hat who was threatening people coming and going from the rink.

Officer Robert Rueca, a San Francisco police spokesman, told the Chronicle that police learned that the man who was stabbed had been approached by another man, who was wearing a red MAGA hat, and the two got into a verbal dispute.

The man who wound up being stabbed had attempted to grab the hat, and the other man whipped out a sword and slashed him, Rueca said.

Police originally reported that the victim was wearing the hat, but changed their statement on March 30.

A witness told the Chronicle that he saw a man wearing the recognizable hat with a sword tucked into the back of his jacket about 30 minutes before the attack. The man, the alleged witness said, was shouting homophobic slurs at him.

The man who was stabbed was taken to a nearby hospital where he was treated for non-life threatening injuries, the report said. Police said they had not located the suspect or the sword.

Apparently, however, the alleged sword-wielder who was so intent on not giving up his red MAGA hat that he slashed the attempted hat thief, left the hat at the scene, where it was conveniently photographed next to a pool of blood and posted to social media.

The skating rink owner “took a photo of the MAGA hat perfectly sitting in front of the pool of blood and posted it to Facebook,” Gateway Pundit noted, adding that “virtually no one is buying this story.”

Mindy Robinson, host of Red, White and F You: The Unapologetically Patriotic Show, tweeted: “So you mean to tell me, that a MAGA hat just ‘happened’ to fall perfectly on the ground like that for the picture at a crime scene? I call bullsh*t.”

Robinson wrote: “So what’s weirder at this point? A guy that just happens to be carrying around a sword, or a guy wearing a MAGA hat in the heart of San Francisco? Depending on what kind of ‘sword’ we’re talking about…I’m gonna go with the Trump hat.”

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