The American people: Why the ‘perfect storm’ to transform this nation will not succeed

Special to WorldTribune, May 5, 2020

By Frank Luber

What do Red China and the socialists in the United States have in common? The determination to “fundamentally change” this country into something the Founding Fathers would not recognize.

China’s Xi Jinping at the White House, Sept. 25, 2015. / YouTube image

It was former President Barack Obama who first mentioned it during his first presidential campaign. Audiences, not knowing what it meant, nonetheless cheered enthusiastically.

Today, during the current Covid-19 pandemic, we’re beginning to see first-hand exactly what it means. And, it’s not pretty. In fact, it’s outrageous and totally un-American.

Questionable lockdowns of businesses, closings of schools and churches, stay-at-home orders, and similar widespread restrictions, all promulgated by government officials. Which brings us to the “Perfect Storm” and how the pandemic has been weaponized by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and socialists/communists who have hijacked the Democrat party in this country.

I do believe the coronavirus is a legitimate concern for the elderly and most vulnerable with underlying health conditions. But it has been the reaction and response to the virus outbreak that have many believing it’s being used as a dress rehearsal for “fundamental change”. That is, bigger government, more government dependence and population control. Without those three things totalitarians, like socialists and communists, cannot succeed. Sure, they’ll do just fine while the rest of us are left in a state of shared misery.

It’s becoming more apparent the CCP and the Democrat party in this country are simpatico.

Red China, where the Coronavirus outbreak apparently originated at a lab in Wuhan, was not forthcoming in what happened and allowed it to spread worldwide while the World Health Organization and it’s cozy relationship with the Chinese regime withheld information that could have prevented it’s spread.

The CCP had to know the spread would ultimately reach America which was enjoying an unprecedented economy and becoming more of a threat to its objective of world domination.

At this point, Democrats here at home seized on an opportunity. As former Obama adviser, Rahm Emanuel, first stated “never let a crisis go to waste”. Indeed, the Democrats did not.

It’s apparent Red China and Democrats in this country have one objective: Domination. They both strive for control of the people, expansion of government and universal government dependence. In other words, socialism. Worse, yet, communism.

All this is happening right before our eyes and, so far, all we hear are relatively few complaints. “Enough is enough they say”. My question is ” what do you plan to do about it”. How far is enough? What will it take for people to realize enough is really enough?

We may be on the brink of that right now. When meat packing plants are shutting down because of Covid-19 outbreaks; when 2-million chickens are to be euthanized on the Delmarva Peninsula because there is not enough healthy employees to process them; and, when “sick” or fearful employees stand to make more staying home than working, thanks to those expanded unemployment checks, now we’re talking about food shortages. We see it already in the supermarkets. When people realize they can no longer feed themselves or their families they become desperate and resort to desperate things.

Yes, the Chinese Communist Party and socialist Democrats in the U.S. are getting exactly what they want. The Perfect Storm for both.

But Americans have had their backs to wall before. I have faith they won’t sacrifice what previous generations have fought gallantly and bravely to attain and keep.

To passively comply with the treasonous agenda shared by bitter enemies of this great nation’s founding spirit would have tragic consequences for future generations. So, wake Up America before it’s too late.

Frank Luber is a broadcast journalist who has spent more than 60-years informing Marylanders of current events via Radio and Television. After graduating from Mt. St. Joseph’s High School in Baltimore and the National Academy of Broadcasting in Washington, D.C., Frank started his radio career in Annapolis and from there worked for WCAO Radio and WJZ TV in Baltimore. Last year he completed 31 years as a Talk Show Host and News Anchor on WCBM Radio in Baltimore. His interviews with newsmakers and celebrities run into the thousands. During his career Frank has received numerous awards for reporting excellence but is most proud of the Baltimore Police Civilian Award for his role in negotiating the release of two brain-surgery patients held by an armed man at the University of Maryland Medical Center in Baltimore.


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