The 2nd American Revolution: Group remembers the 5 who died and 706 ‘political hostages’

Commentary for WorldTribune, January 7, 2022

From The Prisoner’s Record on Telegram:

“We continue to fight on behalf of the 706 Hostages and their families to secure freedom and justice. Nearly sixty are still in prison under torture and abuse, held without bond and due process.

“The government that did not respect freedom nor justice set the condition for violence on January 6th. They planned for lax security. The government allowed and coordinated operatives to ignite and perpetuate violence against peaceful rally attendees.

“There were five deaths that day. We mourn their deaths and pray for their families.”

1. Officer Brian Sicknick, 42, died of natural causes

2. Ashli Babbitt 35, was murdered by Lt. Michael Byrd

3. Roseanne Boyland, 34, died after being mercilessly beaten by Capitol Police

4. Kevin Greeson, 55, died of a heart attack triggered by the violence

5. Benjamin Philips, 50, died of a heart attack triggered by the violence

Total ‘Political Hostage’ Count of 706 as of Jan. 6, 2022

Lonnie Coffman Alabama Convicted 2021-01-07

William Watson Alabama Indicted 2021-01-11

Joshua Black Alabama Indicted 2021-01-14

Kari Kelley Alabama Convicted 2021-02-10

Phillip Bromley Alabama Convicted 2021-02-17

Joshua James Alabama Indicted 2021-03-08

Russell Alford Alabama Charged 2021-03-22

Jonathan Walden Alabama Indicted 2021-05-26

Dillon Herrington Alabama Charged 2021-06-07

Mark Grods Alabama Convicted 2021-06-28

Donnie Wren Alabama Indicted 2021-09-24

Christian Manley Alabama Indicted 2021-10-18

Gregory Nix Alabama Indicted 2021-11-10

Aaron Mileur Alaska Charged 2021-03-09

Jacob Chansley Arizona Sentenced 2021-01-08

Anthime Gionet Arizona Charged 2021-01-16

Cory Konold Arizona Indicted 2021-02-11

Felicia Konold Arizona Indicted 2021-02-11

Micajah Jackson Arizona Convicted 2021-05-14

James Mcgrew Arizona Indicted 2021-05-27

Nathan Entrekin Arizona Charged 2021-07-14

Lisa Homer Arizona Charged 2021-11-15

Richard Barnett Arkansas Indicted 2021-01-08

Peter Stager Arkansas Indicted 2021-01-14

Jon Mott Arkansas Charged 2021-05-11

Hunter Ehmke California Indicted 2021-01-13

Daniel Goodwyn California Indicted 2021-01-15

John Strand California Indicted 2021-01-18

Simone Gold California Indicted 2021-01-18

Gina Bisignano California Convicted 2021-01-19

Jorge Riley California Indicted 2021-01-19

Valerie Ehrke California Sentenced 2021-01-19

Kevin Strong California Convicted 2021-01-22

Tommy Allan California Indicted 2021-01-22

Jacob Lewis California Indicted 2021-01-27

Jeffrey Smith California Convicted 2021-01-27

Mark Simon California Sentenced 2021-01-28

Eduardo Alvear Gonzalez California Convicted 2021-01-31

Mariposa Castro California Convicted 2021-02-09

Christian Secor California Indicted 2021-02-16

Andrew Hernandez California Indicted 2021-02-23

Kevin Cordon California Sentenced 2021-03-09

Sean Cordon California Sentenced 2021-03-09

Evan Neumann California Indicted 2021-03-23

Daniel Rodriguez California Indicted 2021-03-24

Philip Kramer California Convicted 2021-04-07

Kevin Galetto California Indicted 2021-04-23

Sean McHugh California Indicted 2021-05-27

Stephanie Baez California Charged 2021-05-28

Alan Hostetter California Indicted 2021-06-09

Derek Kinnison California Indicted 2021-06-09

Erik Warner California Indicted 2021-06-09

Felipe Martinez California Indicted 2021-06-09

Ronald Mele California Indicted 2021-06-09

Russell Taylor California Indicted 2021-06-09

Lois McNicoll California Charged 2021-06-23

Ricky Willden California Indicted 2021-06-23

Matthew Purse California Indicted 2021-06-28

Mark Ibrahim California Indicted 2021-07-06

Glenn Brooks California Charged 2021-07-27

Benjamin Martin California Indicted 2021-08-06

Erik Herrera California Charged 2021-08-06

Jeffrey Brown California Indicted 2021-08-16

David Dempsey California Indicted 2021-08-25

Olivia Pollock Florida Indicted 2021-06-29

David Moerschel Florida Indicted 2021-07-01

Kenneth Reda Florida Convicted 2021-07-01

Edward George Florida Indicted 2021-07-07

Jonathan Pollock Florida Indicted 2021-07-07

Joseph Hutchinson Florida Indicted 2021-07-07

Nathaniel Tuck Florida Indicted 2021-07-07

Caleb Berry Florida Convicted 2021-07-09

Kevin Tuck Florida Indicted 2021-07-15

Michael Carico Florida Convicted 2021-07-22

Robert Fairchild Florida Indicted 2021-08-24

Marilyn Fassell Florida Charged 2021-09-09

Thomas Fassell Florida Charged 2021-09-09

Anthony Sargent Florida Charged 2021-09-13

Julio Chang Florida Charged 2021-09-23

Moises Romero Florida Charged 2021-09-23

Jeremy Brown Florida Charged 2021-09-29

Jason Comeau Florida Convicted 2021-10-13

Gilbert Fonticoba Florida Indicted 2021-10-22

Julio Baquero Florida Indicted 2021-10-27

Louis Valentin Florida Indicted 2021-10-27

Mason Courson Florida Indicted 2021-11-17

James Beeks Florida Indicted 2021-11-18

Michael Daughtry Georgia Charged 2021-01-15

William Calhoun Georgia Indicted 2021-01-15

Lisa Eisenhart Georgia Indicted 2021-01-16

Benjamin Torre Georgia Charged 2021-02-02

Bruno Cua Georgia Indicted 2021-02-05

Verden Nalley Georgia Convicted 2021-02-12

Jack Whitton Georgia Indicted 2021-03-12

Glen Simon Georgia Convicted 2021-04-12

Kevin Creek Georgia Convicted 2021-06-04

Nolan Kidd Georgia Charged 2021-06-11

Savannah Mcdonald Georgia Charged 2021-06-11

Jonathan Laurens Georgia Charged 2021-07-01

Blas Santillan Georgia Charged 2021-08-10

Matthew Webler Georgia Charged 2021-11-24

Ronald Loehrke Georgia Charged 2021-12-01

Nicholas Ochs Hawaii Indicted 2021-01-07

Josiah Colt Idaho Convicted 2021-01-12

Michael Pope Idaho Indicted 2021-02-12

Yvonne St Cyr Idaho Charged 2021-03-03

Duke Wilson Idaho Convicted 2021-04-12

Pamela Hemphill Idaho Charged 2021-08-02

Tyler Tew Idaho Charged 2021-11-10

Bradley Rukstales Illinois Sentenced 2021-01-07

Kevin Lyons Illinois Indicted 2021-01-13

Kash Kelly Illinois Charged 2021-01-14

Mathew Capsel Illinois Charged 2021-01-19

Christina Gerding Illinois Charged 2021-01-28

Jason Gerding Illinois Charged 2021-01-28

Thomas Adams Illinois Charged 2021-04-02

Anthony Antonio Illinois Indicted 2021-04-20

Bruce Harrison Illinois Sentenced 2021-05-12

Douglas Wangler Illinois Sentenced 2021-05-12

Christian Kulas Illinois Convicted 2021-06-03

Karol Chwiesiuk Illinois Charged 2021-06-11

Shane Woods Illinois Indicted 2021-06-21

Amy Schubert Illinois Convicted 2021-06-24

John Schubert Illinois Convicted 2021-06-24

Marcos Gleffe Illinois Charged 2021-09-01

David Wiersma Illinois Charged 2021-09-13

Dawn Frankowski Illinois Charged 2021-09-13

Mark Kulas Illinois Convicted 2021-11-19

Lawrence Ligas Illinois Charged 2021-11-29

Roy Franklin Illinois Charged 2021-12-02

James Elliott Illinois Indicted 2021-12-15

Jon Schaffer Indiana Convicted 2021-01-17

Joshua Wagner Indiana Convicted 2021-01-26

Israel Tutrow Indiana Sentenced 2021-01-27

Anna Morgan-Lloyd Indiana Sentenced 2021-02-24

Dona Bissey Indiana Sentenced 2021-02-24

Jonathan Sanders Indiana Sentenced 2021-05-25

Mark Mazza Indiana Charged 2021-11-12

Douglas Jensen Iowa Indicted 2021-01-09

Leo Kelly Iowa Charged 2021-01-18

Deborah Sandoval Iowa Indicted 2021-02-19

Salvador Sandoval Iowa Indicted 2021-02-19

Kyle Young Iowa Indicted 2021-04-09

Daryl Johnson Iowa Convicted 2021-06-04

Christopher Kuehne Kansas Indicted 2021-02-11

William Chrestman Kansas Indicted 2021-02-11

William Pope Kansas Indicted 2021-02-12

Ryan Ashlock Kansas Indicted 2021-02-18

Mark Rebegila Kansas Convicted 2021-03-10

Esther Schwemmer Kansas Convicted 2021-04-15

Jennifer Parks Kansas Sentenced 2021-04-15

Michael Eckerman Kansas Indicted 2021-09-14

Robert Bauer Kentucky Sentenced 2021-01-15

Chad Jones Kentucky Indicted 2021-01-16

Damon Beckley Kentucky Indicted 2021-01-16

Michael Sparks Kentucky Indicted 2021-01-18

Jordan Revlett Kentucky Charged 2021-01-25

Dalton Crase Kentucky Convicted 2021-02-01

Troy Williams Kentucky Convicted 2021-02-01

Peter Schwartz Kentucky Indicted 2021-02-04

Clayton Mullins Kentucky Indicted 2021-02-23

Lori Vinson Kentucky Sentenced 2021-02-23

Thomas Vinson Kentucky Sentenced 2021-02-23

Michael Orangias Kentucky Convicted 2021-03-17

Stephen Randolph Kentucky Indicted 2021-04-20

Eric Clark Kentucky Charged 2021-04-26

Nicholas Brockhoff Kentucky Indicted 2021-05-24

Kurt Peterson Kentucky Indicted 2021-06-16

Antony Vo Kentucky Charged 2021-07-20

Joseph Irwin Kentucky Charged 2021-08-12

Vaughn Gordon Louisiana Indicted 2021-01-14

Cody Connell Louisiana Indicted 2021-01-16

Kyle Fitzsimons Maine Indicted 2021-02-04

Nicholas Hendrix Maine Charged 2021-05-27

Christopher Alberts Maryland Indicted 2021-01-07

Nicholas Rodean Maryland Indicted 2021-01-13

Bryan Betancur Maryland Charged 2021-01-17

Matthew Miller Maryland Indicted 2021-01-25

Andrew Bennett Maryland Sentenced 2021-01-26

John Andries Maryland Indicted 2021-01-28

Daniel Egtvedt Maryland Indicted 2021-02-09

David Blair Maryland Indicted 2021-02-09

Elias Costianes Maryland Indicted 2021-02-12

Robert Reeder Maryland Sentenced 2021-02-24

John Wilkerson Maryland Sentenced 2021-03-12

Brittiany Dillon Maryland Sentenced 2021-04-26

Nicole Prado Maryland Convicted 2021-06-03

Christopher Price Maryland Charged 2021-07-30

Cynthia Ballenger Maryland Charged 2021-07-30

Uliyahu Hayah Maryland Charged 2021-08-25

Matthew Buckler Maryland Charged 2021-09-09

Michael Riley Maryland Indicted 2021-10-14

Mark Sahady Massachusetts Charged 2021-01-19

Suzanne Ianni Massachusetts Charged 2021-01-19

Brian McCreary Massachusetts Convicted 2021-02-04

Troy Sargent Massachusetts Indicted 2021-03-08

Chase Allen Massachusetts Charged 2021-06-30

Noah Bacon Massachusetts Indicted 2021-06-30

Karl Dresch Michigan Sentenced 2021-01-20

Michael Foy Michigan Indicted 2021-01-21

James Mels Michigan Charged 2021-02-11

Robert Schornak Michigan Convicted 2021-03-16

Daniel Herendeen Michigan Convicted 2021-03-18

Anthony Williams Michigan Indicted 2021-03-24

Jeremy Sorvisto Michigan Sentenced 2021-04-05

Jeramiah Caplinger Michigan Convicted 2021-04-06

Anthony Puma Michigan Indicted 2021-05-27

Steven Thurlow Michigan Charged 2021-06-24

Trevor Brown Michigan Charged 2021-07-01

Logan Barnhart Michigan Indicted 2021-08-04

Tim Boughner Michigan Charged 2021-11-09

Justin Jersey Michigan Indicted 2021-12-02

Jordan Stotts Minnesota Sentenced 2021-03-16

Jonah Westbury Minnesota Charged 2021-03-29

Victoria White Minnesota Indicted 2021-04-08

Daniel Johnson Minnesota Convicted 2021-06-04

Brian Mock Minnesota Indicted 2021-06-10

Aaron James Minnesota Indicted 2021-10-04

Isaac Westbury Minnesota Indicted 2021-10-04

Robert Westbury Minnesota Indicted 2021-10-04

Michael Brock Mississippi Charged 2021-07-14

Thomas Smith Mississippi Indicted 2021-09-24

Emily Hernandez Missouri Charged 2021-01-15

Zachary Martin Missouri Convicted 2021-01-28

Paul Westover Missouri Convicted 2021-02-04

William Merry Missouri Charged 2021-02-04

Louis Colon Missouri Indicted 2021-02-11

Michael Quick Missouri Convicted 2021-02-12

Stephen Quick Missouri Convicted 2021-02-12

Zachary Wilson Missouri Convicted 2021-02-12

Nicholas Reimler Missouri Sentenced 2021-02-19

Matthew Loganbill Missouri Indicted 2021-03-15

Carey Walden Missouri Convicted 2021-05-21

Joshua Dressel Missouri Charged 2021-06-29

Nicholas Kennedy Missouri Indicted 2021-07-23

Isaac Yoder Missouri Charged 2021-07-29

Kelsey Wilson Missouri Convicted 2021-08-02

Cara Hentschel Missouri Charged 2021-09-22

Mahailya Pryer Missouri Charged 2021-09-22

Jonas Buxton Missouri Charged 2021-12-08

Henry Muntzer Montana Indicted 2021-01-18

Jerod Hughes Montana Indicted 2021-01-28

Joshua Hughes Montana Indicted 2021-01-28

Isaac Sturgeon Montana Indicted 2021-02-05

Boyd Camper Montana Sentenced 2021-03-11

Andrew Cavanaugh Montana Charged 2021-03-15

Nathaniel Degrave Nevada Indicted 2021-01-28

Josiah Kenyon Nevada Indicted 2021-11-23

Thomas Gallagher New Hampshire Sentenced 2021-01-21

Jason Riddle New Hampshire Convicted 2021-02-05

Thomas Baranyi New Jersey Indicted 2021-01-12

Timothy Hale-Cusanelli New Jersey Indicted 2021-01-17

Rasha Abual-Ragheb New Jersey Sentenced 2021-01-19

Patrick Stedman New Jersey Indicted 2021-01-21

Hector Vargas Santos New Jersey Charged 2021-01-22

Marissa Suarez New Jersey Indicted 2021-01-22

Patricia Todisco New Jersey Indicted 2021-01-22

Scott Fairlamb New Jersey Sentenced 2021-01-22

Stephanie Hazelton New Jersey Charged 2021-01-22

James Rahm New Jersey Indicted 2021-02-05

Larry Stackhouse New Jersey Charged 2021-03-02

Ezekiel Stecher New Jersey Indicted 2021-03-04

Roberto Minuta New Jersey Indicted 2021-03-06

James Rahm Jr New Jersey Indicted 2021-03-16

Christopher Quaglin New Jersey Indicted 2021-04-06

Robert Petrosh New Jersey Charged 2021-04-29

Shawn Price New Jersey Charged 2021-06-08

Donald Smith New Jersey Charged 2021-07-28

Philip Young New Jersey Charged 2021-07-28

Mick Chan New Jersey Charged 2021-09-07

Lawrence Dropkin New Jersey Charged 2021-09-13

Michael Oliveras New Jersey Charged 2021-12-08

Couy Griffin New Mexico Indicted 2021-01-17

Shawn Witzemann New Mexico Charged 2021-04-06

Matthew Martin New Mexico Charged 2021-04-22

Aaron Mostofsky New York Indicted 2021-01-11

William Pepe New York Indicted 2021-01-12

Peter Harding New York Charged 2021-01-14

Dominic Pezzola New York Indicted 2021-01-15

Thomas Fee New York Charged 2021-01-15

Brandon Fellows New York Indicted 2021-01-17

Nicolas Moncada New York Charged 2021-01-18

Christopher Kelly New York Dismissed 2021-01-20

Robert Ballesteros New York Convicted 2021-01-20

Samuel Fisher New York Charged 2021-01-20

Albert Ciarpelli New York Charged 2021-01-21

Dominick Madden New York Convicted 2021-01-22

Jeffrey Sabol New York Indicted 2021-01-22

Brandon Straka New York Convicted 2021-01-25

William Vogel New York Charged 2021-01-25

Brian Gundersen New York Indicted 2021-01-27

Christopher Ortiz New York Charged 2021-01-27

Greg Rubenacker New York Indicted 2021-01-27

James Bonet New York Convicted 2021-01-27

Justin Mcauliffe New York Convicted 2021-01-28

Philip Grillo New York Charged 2021-02-21

Thomas Webster New York Indicted 2021-02-22

Christopher Moynihan New York Indicted 2021-02-25

Thomas Sibick New York Indicted 2021-03-12

Sara Carpenter New York Indicted 2021-03-23

William Tryon New York Convicted 2021-03-30

Robert Chapman New York Convicted 2021-04-13

Traci Sunstrum New York Convicted 2021-04-13

Dovid Schwartzberg New York Charged 2021-04-16

John Juran New York Convicted 2021-04-21

Matthew Greene New York Convicted 2021-04-21

Jonathan Munafo New York Indicted 2021-04-23

Eric Bochene New York Charged 2021-04-26

Anton Lunyk New York Charged 2021-05-05

Daniel Warmus New York Charged 2021-05-17

James Breheny New York Charged 2021-05-18

William Jason Sywak New York Charged 2021-05-19

William Michael Sywak New York Charged 2021-05-19

Zvonimir Jurlina New York Charged 2021-06-28

Edward Rodriguez New York Indicted 2021-07-09

Daniel Christmann New York Charged 2021-07-16

Antonio Ferrigno New York Charged 2021-08-27

Francis Connor New York Charged 2021-08-27

Maryann Mooney-Rondon New York Charged 2021-09-01

Rafael Rondon New York Charged 2021-09-01

Richard Watrous New York Charged 2021-09-21

Anthony Vuksanaj New York Charged 2021-09-28

Cody Mattice New York Charged 2021-10-05

James Mault New York Charged 2021-10-05

Jia Liu New York Charged 2021-10-21

Gregory Purdy New York Charged 2021-11-12

Matthew Purdy New York Charged 2021-11-12

Robert Turner New York Charged 2021-11-12

Christopher Spencer North Carolina Indicted 2021-01-19

Stephen Baker North Carolina Charged 2021-02-01

Virginia Spencer North Carolina Convicted 2021-02-05

Laura Steele North Carolina Indicted 2021-02-17

Lewis Cantwell North Carolina Indicted 2021-02-17

Grayson Sherrill North Carolina Indicted 2021-03-01

Matthew Wood North Carolina Indicted 2021-03-03

Charles Donohoe North Carolina Indicted 2021-03-17

Johnny Harris North Carolina Charged 2021-03-17

James Little North Carolina Convicted 2021-03-25

Stephen Horn North Carolina Charged 2021-03-29

Anthony Scirica North Carolina Convicted 2021-06-14

James Grant North Carolina Indicted 2021-09-29

Aiden Bilyard North Carolina Charged 2021-11-15

Christine Priola Ohio Charged 2021-01-14

Justin Stoll Ohio Charged 2021-01-15

Donovan Crowl Ohio Indicted 2021-01-17

Jessica Watkins Ohio Indicted 2021-01-17

Dustin Thompson Ohio Indicted 2021-01-25

Robert Lyon Ohio Indicted 2021-01-25

Stephen Ayres Ohio Indicted 2021-01-25

Troy Faulkner Ohio Indicted 2021-01-26

Terry Lindsey Ohio Charged 2021-02-16

Bennie Parker Ohio Indicted 2021-02-18

Sandra Parker Ohio Indicted 2021-02-18

Derek Jancart Ohio Sentenced 2021-02-22

Alexander Sheppard Ohio Indicted 2021-02-24

James Horning Ohio Indicted 2021-03-01

Jared Adams Ohio Charged 2021-03-05

Brandon Miller Ohio Sentenced 2021-03-09

Stephanie Miller Ohio Sentenced 2021-03-09

Clifford Mackrell Ohio Indicted 2021-03-17

Ethan Seitz Ohio Indicted 2021-03-19

Caleb Jones Ohio Sentenced 2021-03-22

John Wright Ohio Indicted 2021-04-26

Elijah Yazdani Ohio Charged 2021-04-28

Oliver Sarko Ohio Convicted 2021-04-30

Kenneth Thomas Ohio Indicted 2021-05-25

Timothy Hart Ohio Indicted 2021-06-29

Erik Rau Ohio Sentenced 2021-07-13

Therese Borgerding Ohio Charged 2021-07-26

Walter Messer Ohio Charged 2021-07-26

David Mehaffie Ohio Indicted 2021-08-12

Steven Billingsley Ohio Charged 2021-08-12

Cole Temple Ohio Charged 2021-08-19

Gabriel Burress Ohio Charged 2021-08-19

Jodi Wilson Ohio Charged 2021-08-19

Madison Pettit Ohio Charged 2021-08-19

Jared Kastner Ohio Charged 2021-12-07

Luke Faulkner Ohio Charged 2021-12-07

Andrew Ericson Oklahoma Sentenced 2021-01-22

Anthony Griffith Oklahoma Indicted 2021-02-22

Jerry Ryals Oklahoma Indicted 2021-02-22

Danielle Doyle Oklahoma Sentenced 2021-02-24

Tanner Sells Oklahoma Convicted 2021-05-12

Benjamin Burlew Oklahoma Indicted 2021-08-19

Edward Spain Oklahoma Charged 2021-10-05

Richard Harris Oregon Indicted 2021-03-05

Jonathanpeter Klein Oregon Indicted 2021-03-23

Matthew Klein Oregon Indicted 2021-03-23

Reed Christensen Oregon Indicted 2021-04-25

Jeremy Grace Oregon Charged 2021-05-24

Jeffrey Hubbard Oregon Charged 2021-12-06

Zachary Rehl Pennsylvaina Indicted 2021-03-17

Terry Brown Pennsylvania Sentenced 2021-01-11

Robert Sanford Pennsylvania Indicted 2021-01-14

Andrew Wrigley Pennsylvania Sentenced 2021-01-15

Craig Bingert Pennsylvania Indicted 2021-01-17

Riley Williams Pennsylvania Indicted 2021-01-17

Barton Shively Pennsylvania Indicted 2021-01-19

Jorden Mink Pennsylvania Indicted 2021-01-19

Matthew Perna Pennsylvania Convicted 2021-01-19

Kenneth Grayson Pennsylvania Indicted 2021-01-26

Dawn Bancroft Pennsylvania Convicted 2021-01-29

Diana Santos-Smith Pennsylvania Convicted 2021-01-29

Ryan Samsel Pennsylvania Indicted 2021-01-30

Zachary Alam Pennsylvania Indicted 2021-01-30

Michael Lopatic Pennsylvania Indicted 2021-02-03

Mark Aungst Pennsylvania Charged 2021-02-04

Rachel Powell Pennsylvania Indicted 2021-02-04

Tammy Bronsburg Pennsylvania Charged 2021-02-04

Leo Bozell Pennsylvania Indicted 2021-02-11

Christy Clark Pennsylvania Charged 2021-02-12

Dale Shalvey Pennsylvania Indicted 2021-02-12

Matthew Clark Pennsylvania Charged 2021-02-12

Paul Spigelmyer Pennsylvania Charged 2021-02-12

Raechel Genco Pennsylvania Charged 2021-02-12

Russell Peterson Pennsylvania Sentenced 2021-02-12

Richard Michetti Pennsylvania Indicted 2021-02-17

Joseph Fischer Pennsylvania Indicted 2021-02-19

Jackson Kostolsky Pennsylvania Convicted 2021-02-23

Annie Howell Pennsylvania Convicted 2021-03-02

Debra Maimone Pennsylvania Charged 2021-03-12

Philip Vogel Pennsylvania Charged 2021-03-12

Julian Khater Pennsylvania Indicted 2021-03-15

Jennifer Heinl Pennsylvania Convicted 2021-03-17

Frank Scavo Pennsylvania Sentenced 2021-03-24

Jeremy Vorous Pennsylvania Indicted 2021-03-26

Anthony Moat Pennsylvania Charged 2021-04-07

Michael Rusyn Pennsylvania Convicted 2021-04-09

Leonard Ridge Pennsylvania Sentenced 2021-04-20

Gary Edwards Pennsylvania Sentenced 2021-04-23

Brian Stenz Pennsylvania Convicted 2021-04-28

Gary Wickersham Pennsylvania Sentenced 2021-05-07

Pauline Bauer Pennsylvania Indicted 2021-05-18

William Blauser Pennsylvania Convicted 2021-05-18

Robert Morss Pennsylvania Indicted 2021-06-11

Mitchell Vukich Pennsylvania Convicted 2021-06-23

Nicholas Perretta Pennsylvania Convicted 2021-06-23

Samuel Fox Pennsylvania Convicted 2021-06-23

Sandra Weyer Pennsylvania Charged 2021-06-24

Alan Byerly Pennsylvania Indicted 2021-06-25

Gabriel Brown Pennsylvania Charged 2021-06-25

Edward McAlanis Pennsylvania Convicted 2021-07-14

Samuel Lazar Pennsylvania Indicted 2021-07-21

Tara Stottlemyer Pennsylvania Indicted 2021-07-28

Deborah Lee Pennsylvania Charged 2021-08-05

Kelly O’Brien Pennsylvania Charged 2021-08-12

Julia Sizer Pennsylvania Convicted 2021-09-02

Charles Smith Pennsylvania Charged 2021-09-08

Marshall Neefe Pennsylvania Charged 2021-09-08

Michael Dickinson Pennsylvania Charged 2021-09-30

Howard Richardson Pennsylvania Indicted 2021-11-22

Michael Gianos Pennsylvania Charged 2021-11-22

Rachel Myers Pennsylvania Charged 2021-11-22

Marcos Panayiotou Pennsylvania Charged 2021-11-30

Brian Healion Pennsylvania Charged 2021-12-08

Freedom Vy Pennsylvania Charged 2021-12-08

Isaiah Giddings Pennsylvania Charged 2021-12-08

Timothy Desjardins Rhode Island Charged 2021-11-19

Andrew Hatley South Carolina Sentenced 2021-01-19

William Norwood South Carolina Indicted 2021-02-25

Elias Irizarry South Carolina Indicted 2021-03-15

Elliot Bishai South Carolina Indicted 2021-03-15

Nicholas Languerand South Carolina Convicted 2021-04-15

John Getsinger South Carolina Convicted 2021-06-09

Stacie Hargis Getsinger South Carolina Convicted 2021-06-09

Derek Gunby South Carolina Charged 2021-06-29

James Lollis South Carolina Convicted 2021-09-03

Paul Colbath South Carolina Charged 2021-10-20

James Haffner South Dakota Charged 2021-12-01

Eric Munchel Tennessee Indicted 2021-01-10

Matthew Bledsoe Tennessee Indicted 2021-01-15

Jack Griffith Tennessee Sentenced 2021-01-16

Blake Reed Tennessee Indicted 2021-01-17

Eric Torrens Tennessee Sentenced 2021-01-27

Ronald Sandlin Tennessee Indicted 2021-01-28

Joseph Padilla Tennessee Indicted 2021-02-22

Bryan Ivey Tennessee Convicted 2021-03-04

Ronnie Presley Tennessee Indicted 2021-03-05

Albuquerque Head Tennessee Indicted 2021-04-09

Michael Roche Tennessee Charged 2021-04-13

Michael Timbrook Tennessee Charged 2021-04-20

Matthew Baggott Tennessee Charged 2021-05-24

Stewart Parks Tennessee Charged 2021-05-24

Clifford Meteer Tennessee Charged 2021-08-04

Ronald McAbee Tennessee Indicted 2021-08-04

Christopher Cunningham Tennessee Charged 2021-08-30

Joshua Portlock Tennessee Charged 2021-10-28

Larry Brock Texas Indicted 2021-01-09

Eliel Rosa Texas Sentenced 2021-01-13

Jenny Cudd Texas Convicted 2021-01-13

Guy Reffitt Texas Indicted 2021-01-15

Jennifer Ryan Texas Sentenced 2021-01-15

Joshua Lollar Texas Indicted 2021-01-15

Troy Smocks Texas Sentenced 2021-01-15

Daniel Adams Texas Indicted 2021-01-16

Matthew Mazzocco Texas Sentenced 2021-01-17

Alex Harkrider Texas Indicted 2021-01-18

Ryan Nichols Texas Indicted 2021-01-18

Nicholas DeCarlo Texas Indicted 2021-01-19

Tam Pham Texas Sentenced 2021-01-19

Garret Miller Texas Indicted 2021-01-20

Christopher Grider Texas Indicted 2021-01-21

Nolan Cooke Texas Charged 2021-01-21

Chance Uptmore Texas Indicted 2021-01-26

Daniel Phipps Texas Indicted 2021-01-26

James Uptmore Texas Indicted 2021-01-26

Wilmar Alvarado Texas Indicted 2021-01-29

Katherine Schwab Texas Charged 2021-02-01

Jason Hyland Texas Charged 2021-02-02

Ryan Zink Texas Indicted 2021-02-04

Daniel Caldwell Texas Indicted 2021-02-10

Joseph Barnes Texas Deceased 2021-02-10

Luke Coffee Texas Indicted 2021-02-16

Jeffrey Witcher Texas Convicted 2021-02-24

Richard Barnard Texas Convicted 2021-02-24

Treniss Evans Texas Indicted 2021-02-24

Shane Jenkins Texas Indicted 2021-03-02

Benjamin Larocca Texas Indicted 2021-03-12

Christian Cortez Texas Indicted 2021-03-12

Kevin Blakely Texas Convicted 2021-03-19

Bradley Bennett Texas Indicted 2021-03-23

David Judd Texas Indicted 2021-03-23

Elizabeth Williams Texas Indicted 2021-03-23

Andrew Morgan Texas Indicted 2021-04-02

Samuel Montoya Texas Charged 2021-04-08

Jason Owens Texas Charged 2021-04-16

Jalise Middleton Texas Indicted 2021-04-21

Mark Middleton Texas Indicted 2021-04-21

Sean Watson Texas Charged 2021-04-23

Vic Williams Texas Convicted 2021-05-10

Kerry Persick Texas Charged 2021-05-13

Adam Weibling Texas Charged 2021-05-19

Stacy Hager Texas Charged 2021-05-29

Leonard Gruppo Texas Sentenced 2021-06-01

Darrell Youngers Texas Indicted 2021-06-29

George Tenney Texas Indicted 2021-06-29

Thomas Ballard Texas Indicted 2021-06-29

Matthew Dasilva Texas Indicted 2021-07-09

Dawn Munn Texas Charged 2021-07-12

Joshua Munn Texas Charged 2021-07-12

Kayli Munn Texas Charged 2021-07-12

Kristi Munn Texas Charged 2021-07-12

Thomas Munn Texas Charged 2021-07-12

Andrew Taake Texas Indicted 2021-07-21

Brian Ulrich Texas Indicted 2021-08-04

Steven Cappuccio Texas Indicted 2021-08-12

Jonathon Shroyer Texas Charged 2021-08-19

Cory Brannan Texas Charged 2021-09-02

Robert Dennis Texas Indicted 2021-10-13

Landon Mitchell Texas Indicted 2021-10-19

Thomas Conover Texas Charged 2021-12-03

Donald Hazard Texas Charged 2021-12-07

Lucas Denney Texas Charged 2021-12-07

John Sullivan Utah Indicted 2021-01-13

Brady Knowlton Utah Indicted 2021-04-01

Michael Hardin Utah Charged 2021-04-02

Willard Peart Utah Charged 2021-04-20

Landon Copeland Utah Indicted 2021-04-29

Jacob Wiedrich Utah Convicted 2021-07-21

Janet Buhler Utah Charged 2021-07-28

Gary Wilson Utah Charged 2021-09-09

Jacob Fracker Virginia Indicted 2021-01-13

Robert Packer Virginia Charged 2021-01-13

Thomas Robertson Virginia Indicted 2021-01-13

Edward Hemenway Virginia Sentenced 2021-01-15

Jacob Hiles Virginia Sentenced 2021-01-19

Thomas Caldwell Virginia Indicted 2021-01-19

Dennis Sidorski Virginia Charged 2021-01-20

Melody Steele-Smith Virginia Indicted 2021-01-20

Cindy Fitchett Virginia Sentenced 2021-01-21

Douglas Sweet Virginia Sentenced 2021-01-21

Antionne Brodnax Virginia Convicted 2021-02-02

Jonathan Mellis Virginia Indicted 2021-02-11

Jeremy Groseclose Virginia Indicted 2021-02-25

Federico Klein Virginia Indicted 2021-03-04

Jessica Bustle Virginia Sentenced 2021-03-04

Joshua Bustle Virginia Sentenced 2021-03-04

Ryan Suleski Virginia Indicted 2021-03-05

Jeffrey McKellop Virginia Indicted 2021-03-15

Eric Von Bernewitz Virginia Charged 2021-03-24

Paul Von Bernewitz Virginia Charged 2021-03-24

Paul Johnson Virginia Indicted 2021-04-12

Michael Adams Virginia Charged 2021-04-20

Christopher Warnagiris Virginia Indicted 2021-05-13

Kene Lazo Virginia Charged 2021-05-28

Geoffrey Sills Virginia Indicted 2021-06-16

Fi Duong Virginia Indicted 2021-06-30

Joshua Haynes Virginia Charged 2021-07-01

James Davis Virginia Charged 2021-07-22

Luke Bender Virginia Indicted 2021-07-26

Brandon Prenzlin Virginia Charged 2021-09-17

Meghan Rutledge Virginia Charged 2021-10-05

Willard Bostic Virginia Charged 2021-10-05

Mark Leffingwell Washington Convicted 2021-01-07

John Lolos Washington Sentenced 2021-01-09

Edward Lang Washington Indicted 2021-01-16

Ethan Nordean Washington Indicted 2021-02-03

Jeffrey Grace Washington Charged 2021-02-04

Taylor Johnatakis Washington Indicted 2021-02-05

Marc Bru Washington Indicted 2021-03-30

Joseph Zlab Washington Charged 2021-05-07

Devlyn Thompson Washington Sentenced 2021-07-11

Tyler Slaeker Washington Charged 2021-07-27

David Rhine Washington Charged 2021-11-04

Joshua Pruitt Washington, DC Indicted 2021-01-07

Vitali GossJankowski Washington, DC Indicted 2021-01-14

Emanuel Jackson Washington, DC Charged 2021-01-18

Mark Ponder Washington, DC Indicted 2021-03-12

Darrell Neely Washington, DC Charged 2021-09-30

Derrick Evans West Virginia Indicted 2021-01-08

Gracyn Courtright West Virginia Sentenced 2021-01-16

Eric Barber West Virginia Convicted 2021-02-16

George Tanios West Virginia Indicted 2021-03-15

Jeffery Finley West Virginia Charged 2021-03-21

Kevin Loftus Wisconsin Convicted 2021-01-12

David Mish Wisconsin Sentenced 2021-01-15

Michael Fitzgerald Wisconsin Indicted 2021-04-02

Abram Markofski Wisconsin Sentenced 2021-04-27

Brandon Nelson Wisconsin Sentenced 2021-04-27

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