‘That’s not Photoshop’: Pennsylvania Democrats in panic over Trump’s huge rally crowds

by WorldTribune Staff, November 1, 2020

Democrats who suggest that Trump supporters are somehow faking photographs to make the president’s rally crowds look much bigger than they are should wake up to reality, Pennsylvania’s Democrat lieutenant governor said.

“This is not MAGA propaganda. Can’t fake a crowd like that,” Lt. Gov. John Fetterman said after photos of the massive size of the crowd at President Donald Trump’s rally in Butler, Pennsylvania circulated on social media.

Fetterman scoffed at the notion that the photographs were altered to make the size of the crowd appear larger.

“That’s not Photoshop. That’s a @Reuters image of Butler,” Fetterman said.

“The President is popular in PA,” Fetterman added. “I don’t care what polls say.”

In an Oct. 31 tweet, Trump touted a new executive order he signed to protect the fracking industry. Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden has vowed to shut down fracking.

“Joe Biden has vowed to ABOLISH American Oil and Natural Gas,” Trump tweeted. “Today I signed an order to strongly protect Pennsylvania’s energy & fracking industry. If Biden & Harris get in, they will terminate this order and implement the Green New Deal. Get out and VOTE!”

“Joe Biden has been a disaster for African Americans and Hispanic Americans—I am fighting for citizens of every race, color and creed,” the president added. “We achieved record low unemployment rates. I signed landmark Criminal Justice Reform, and we will deliver School Choice!”

Massive crowd at President Donald Trump’s rally in Butler, Pennsylvania

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