That loud noise you hear is the sound of the Swamp being drained

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By John McNabb

The Storm is coming. The Left and its media are howling louder. It must be getting close!

The Democrats always formulate consistent talking points but given the seriousness of the looming crisis, they have shared them not only with their lapdog media clowns but with former Obama thugs including Clapper, Brennan, Yates, Comey, Biden and last but not least Holder. Of all people, former Attorney General Eric Holder should have known better.

John Brennan, James Clapper, Lisa Page, James Comey, Peter Strzok and Andrew McCabe

In 2013 then-Attorney General Holder advised us that: “I’m still the president’s wingman, so I’m there with my boy.” This remarkable comment was made after Holder was held in contempt of Congress for failing to turn over documents related to the Fast and Furious scandal.

Obama is keeping very quiet, as well he should. As are McCabe, the Ohrs, Page, Power and the smirking and smarmy Peter Strozk. All have a lot to lose and they certainly might.

The Left’s Strategic Distraction

The howling and the Left’s talking points are designed, of course, to achieve three goals:
• First to embarrass and discredit our duly elected president.
• The second goal is to talk over and minimize the amazing accomplishments of the Trump administration.
• And the third objective is to envelop America in their smoke screen of accusation and misinformation to cover up “Spy Gate”. This and the long list of the Left’s nefarious initiatives and malfeasance is the real story.

The Left and media have, however, badly misjudged our citizenry. Most Americans are not obsessed with power politics, but they can see through the propaganda offensive to which they are subjected in all the places the mainstream media has inserted itself. Yes, I’m talking about the major networks and news groups, mobile phones, Internet browsers and all those public places including airports where CNN screens (presuming to present generic news) promote a skewed version of reality as objective truth. Too many are fooled, but most are not.

The economy, jobs and their family’s safety are more important than Trump’s tax returns and collusion. Most folks lost interest in the Left’s Russia card long ago. The continuing fake news about popularity polling has few if anyone seriously paying attention. Brad Parscale just came out to set the record straight after it had been reported that recent polling showed a deterioration in Trump support in the key states Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania. Internal Trump polling tells a completely different story.

That calls to mind The New York Times rating the probability of a Clinton win in North Carolina at over 90 percent in 2016.

I had told a close friend and Trump Leadership Council co-founder that Trump would win North Carolina by 5 percentage points, the night before voting began. When all the votes were in, Donald Trump had won North Carolina by over 4 points. The media has such a low regard for most Americans that they can’t take us seriously, but neither are they fooling us.

The Democrats are spending all of their time and unbridled emotion attacking our duly elected president. Increasingly they appear deranged. They certainly have not tried to legislate or govern. The Pelosi, Schumer, Feinstein, Schiff, Waters, Tlaib, Omar team, the Obama bureaucracy plus Romney, Burr and Tillis (and I foolishly thought we were rid of Flake but instead three more were created) do not know how to govern.

America is watching. We aren’t the “flyovers”, the gun toters, bible thumpers, all in two-time loser Hillary Clinton’s “basket of deplorables”. We absolutely understand what’s going on. No one I know holds Washington, D.C. in high regard.

Pelosi’s Record vs The President’s

But back to the storm and the reasons for panic in the Swamp’s disintegrating power structure. One factor is the disparity in results. How for example is Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi doing in comparison to President Donald Trump.

I know most of what the president and his leadership have created, but I also have researched Pelosi’s scorecard. It is clearly a “No Contest”. Let’s look at the tale of the tape.

Nancy Pelosi’s big accomplishment to date is preparing the Equality Act for a congressional vote. If enacted into law it will mean the end of female sports as we have known it for a century and the end of religious freedom as we have known it since the enactment of our Bill of Rights and our Constitution. And Democrats are hailing this as a wonderful piece of legislation.

I call this legislation the “Tail Wagging the Dog Act” as it will reward a tiny percentage of Americans at the expense of 90 percent plus majority of Americans.

Pelosi’s leadership has kept the southern border wall from being built. The Democrats in Congress have filed a lawsuit to stop the southern border wall funding. She and her colleagues on the Left want an open southern border and the continual flow of unhealthy and uneducated illegal aliens flowing into our republic and the continual flow of the killer drug fentanyl across our border lining the pockets of drug lords and killing Americans. A byproduct of fentanyl are the opioids, and America’s Opioid Epidemic which is killing Americans every hour. Another Pelosi initiative is seeking President Trump’s tax records! Egregious! And in the background are the constant mindless emissions from Maxine Waters’ copious mouth charging collusion and obstruction while calling for impeachment and an investigation of a mythical cover-up. What cover-up?

Maybe Pelosi would be better served in attempting to calm down Waters and bring to an end the racist rants of Muslim and Democrat House members Omar and Tlaib. It is Ramadan. I have spent time in the Middle East during Ramadan, the ninth month on the Islamic calendar where Muslims fast, reflect and honor family. But Ramadan is also a month of mayhem and murder worldwide executed by Islamic extremists. One week into Ramadan and 165 people had already been slaughtered and hundreds more had been injured worldwide with three weeks still be counted.

Pelosi has lost control of her Democratic Caucus. As President Trump noted, Pelosi is presiding over a “do nothing Congress”. But let’s not forget the accusations directed at Attorney General William Barr and the continual childish and asinine eruptions from the Democrats. Where is their platform? Where is their leadership?

And where is their body of work so far on behalf of all Americans? Easy answer!

Much to the chagrin of the Left, President Trump has made good on his campaign promises. Not like his predecessor who said, “if you like your doctor you can keep your doctor and if you like your health insurance policy you can keep your health insurance policy”. This is the same president who promised the most transparent administration in our history. Remember that?

For Barack Obama, we are finally about to see some real transparency of his eight years in the White House more than two years after he officially returned to private life. Unofficially it sometimes seems he and his minions think he’s still president. Now, suddenly, they are either howling or running for cover. The Storm is coming.

To summarize the many Trump leadership and administration accomplishments let’s start with the economy. That is something I had a bit to do with. His Supply Side economic plan had two keystones. First eradicating Obama’s job killing regulations. And second putting in place a tax reform bill to save all Americans from a portion of their tax burdens and putting our additional money back into the economy. Consumer optimism is at a fifteen-year high. African American and Hispanic unemployment percentages are at all-time lows and female unemployment is at a sixty-six year low!

The stock market growth has created additional wealth in retirement and savings programs. The Dow Jones Industrial Average has achieved 96 all-time highs since President Trump took office. The Standard & Poor’s 500 Index has reached an all-time high as has the NASDAQ 500. And despite economic naysayers who predicted a recession and most recently a slowing first quarter economy, the actual first quarter numbers stunned the street at a 3.2 percent growth rate. The Trump economy is growing at 2.8 percent given that the president inherited an Obama economy that had almost stalled out at zero growth. Both Obama and George W. Bush had 1.9 percent economic growth during their presidencies.

President Trump has pushed our NATO partners to start paying their fair share for their sovereign defense. I predict that there will be a positive trade agreement with China. And the new and improved NAFTA, the USCMA agreement amounts to a win for all three countries. NAFTA cost Americans one million jobs. Trump’s newly-negotiated NAFTA replacement will restore those jobs back to our country. Now let’s see if Ms. Pelosi can get the USCMA passed in the House.

The Trump economic plan involved drastically reducing the Obama era job killing regulations. And he has accomplished that. For every 22 regulations that have been cancelled he has put only 2 new regulations in place.

Manufacturing job creation has been another focus. With over 200 years of clean burning natural gas the United States can and will become one of the world’s low-cost manufacturers. In Trump’s first 22 months in office, manufacturing job creation was ten times that of Obama during a similar period.

So far, the Senate has confirmed 97 Article III judges nominated by President Trump including two Supreme Court nominees, Associate Justices Gorsuch and Kavanaugh. 37 judges for the United States Court of Appeals and 58 judges for the United States District Courts, all Trump nominees, have now been seated. What a track record of accomplishment!

The disastrous Paris Climate Agreement has been rejected by President Trump. The agreement made no sense from the start, with America paying the bulk of the funding to allow the polluters to continue polluting. The biggest climate problem in my opinion is the indiscriminate dumping of garbage into and onto the oceans. And the resulting massive miles and miles of floating trash mainly dumped by China which will threaten our planet’s oceans and our existence. I haven’t heard Nancy Pelosi speak of this real threat.

Truth Stages a Comeback

Finally, it is important to note that President Trump has changed the national narrative in meaningful ways. He is pro-military, pro law enforcement, and is the most faith-friendly American President in decades. His cancellation of the Obama/Kerry pact with Iran and the severe sanctions put in place against Iran, the world’s leading supporter of terror, will make the world a safer place. And in general, President Trump’s hard line approach internationally will have a positive impact. The recent Netanyahu victory in Israel and the conservative upset victory in Australia are both a result of the “Trump Effect”. And add to that President Trump’s decision to relocate our United States Embassy to its rightful place in Jerusalem.

The Democrat’s response to these Trump accomplishments has been daily and concerted efforts to discredit the president. The Left obviously has nothing to offer America but threats, complaints and lawsuits.

The Storm is coming and the howling from the Left will intensify. Spygate will be thoroughly vetted and the results of multiple investigations will be shared with all Americans.

The Left’s multiple platforms enabled by media clowns will be silenced by the revival of the American free press through increasingly influential independent news platforms such as the ones publishing this. Objective reality will stage a comeback because the American people have common sense and are capable of critical thought and independent judgements. That after all, is what has made the American dream possible for the millions who have achieved it.

Yes, the “Mainstream Media” will be exposed for what they sadly have become. No real journalism there, just political talking points.

And Ms. Pelosi will be exposed as a feckless leader who can’t seem to put two coherent sentences together and who did not have the brain power and leadership skills to make a difference for our citizenry.

The Storm is coming. Stay tuned!

John T. McNabb is vice chairman of the American Leadership Council, co-founder of the Trump Leadership Council and former chairman and CEO of Willbros Group.

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