Thank you Joe Biden: FBI stats for annual gun sales break record 2 months before year’s end

by WorldTribune Staff, November 3, 2020

Joe Biden’s promise to his leftist base to launch an all-out assault on the Second Amendment has helped gun sales hit record levels, firearms industry officials say.

Joe Biden plans to force owners to register their AR-15s and will force them to pay a $200 tax on each one.

The FBI reported that the record for annual gun sales was broken in October at 32 million. And there are still two months remaining in 2020 to add to the record.

The bureau’s National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS), which most buyers have to pass through, hit 32,131,914 in October, some 3.7 million higher than all of 2019 when 28,369,750 NICS checks were made.

“And if last year’s numbers are a model for this year, another 6 million should be conducted, bringing the total to nearly 38 million,” Washington Examiner columnist Paul Bedard noted. “Gun sales are exploding like never before, thanks in part to Joe Biden’s promise to end sales of the most popular weapon ever, the AR-15.”

Biden tweeted on Nov. 1: “It’s long past time we take action to end the scourge of gun violence in America. As president, I’ll ban assault weapons and high-capacity magazines, implement universal background checks, and enact other common-sense reforms to end our gun violence epidemic.”

Biden also plans to force owners to register their AR-15s, of which there are an estimated 17 million, and force them to pay a $200 tax on each one.

Firearms industry officials said that, if Biden wins the election, sales will skyrocket even higher.

Justin Anderson, the marketing director for Hyatt Guns of Charlotte, North Carolina, told Bedard that AR-15s are flying out the door and that sales are being driven over concerns of a “Biden effect.”

“Firearms for self-defense, as well as AR-15s, remain strong movers, while women and African Americans continue to be our strongest market segments. This makes for a compelling prediction. Though the polls show Senator Biden leading nationwide, our sales and the sales across the industry tell a different story. With Biden-Harris touting radical gun reforms including confiscation, I believe the five million new gun owners are going to lead the charge for four more years of Donald Trump,” Anderson said.

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