Texas sheriff’s system for training, arming teachers stuns MSNBC host

by WorldTribune Staff, February 26, 2018

An MSNBC host seemed taken aback by a Texas sheriff’s explanation of how a local school district has been allowing teachers to carry firearms at school since 2014.

Sheriff Paul Cairney, right, speaks with MSNBC’s Aaron Gilchrist.

Sheriff Paul Cairney of Argyle, Texas said during an appearance on MSNBC that Argyle Independent School District allows highly trained members of staff to carry guns on campus.

Cairney said that any staff at the school who choose to carry a firearm go through an intense round of interviews and training before they are allowed to carry on campus.

When MSNBC host Aaron Gilchrist asked about student safety in an environment where firearms are present, the sheriff responded that the practice is heavily restricted and the “time to do nothing is over.”

A recent WFAA 8 TV report detailed the process staff must undertake to be able to carry a firearm in the Argyle school district.

“To become a school marshal, those employees must undergo extensive active shooter and firearms training with the state. They must also undergo a mental health evaluation,” the report said.

“They receive a school marshal designation by the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement and must renew their license every two years by undergoing the same training and evaluation. Outside of campuses in Keene and Argyle, signs warn visitors that there are staff members who are armed and are prepared to protect children.”

See Sheriff Cairney’s MSNBC interview here

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