Texas doctor who treated only unvaccinated Covid patients may lose medical license

by WorldTribune Staff, February 26, 2023

Houston Dr. Mary Talley Bowden, who has spoken out against vaccine mandates and in favor of using ivermectin to treat Covid, declared she would only treat unvaccinated Covid patients because other doctors refused to treat them.

The Covid overlords are now coming for Bowden’s medical license.

Dr. Mary Talley Bowden

After treating over 5,500 Covid patients, Bowden is facing the Texas Medical Board (TMB) for complaints against her from two Texas hospitals.

“She is not accused of harming a single patient,” independent journalist Emily Miller noted in a Feb. 26 substack.com report.

Bowden, who is facing complaints from Houston Methodist Hospital and Texas Health Huguely Hospital in Fort Worth, told Miller: “I’m still treating my patients while forced to fight for my license. People close to me have encouraged me to give up for my own well-being, but I’ve witnessed too much and could not live with myself if I didn’t keep going. I did nothing wrong and will fight for what’s right – which is caring for patients.”

Attorney Beth Parlato explained that Bowden’s fight against the TMB has national importance for other doctors: “Medical Boards across this country are investigating the real hero doctors who broke from the establishment and their killing protocol, and utilized lifesaving medication during the Covid pandemic. Dr. Bowden’s case is one of the first in the nation, which makes this significant. If Dr. Bowden is successful in quashing this investigation, it serves as a precedent for all of our nation’s medical boards.”

If Bowden loses, it will set a legal precedent that doctors can’t continue to prescribe medications using their own judgment, Parlato said: “If the medical establishment can sanction a reputable doctor for prescribing medication such as ivermectin — which science has proven in 95 clinical studies is an effective, lifesaving drug — then the medical profession will be changed forever.”

The Stanford-educated Bowden told Miller the TMB offered her a settlement. She would have to admit guilt, pay a $5,000 fine, take eight hours of Continuing Medical Education, and a jurisprudence exam.

The doctor refused the settlement.

“I will not plead guilty to crimes I didn’t commit,” Bowden said, adding she is pursuing a public hearing so that there are “no anonymous accusations” and she will be able to bring her own witnesses.

Texas Health Huguley complained to the board that Bowden, without hospital privileges, had prescribed ivermectin to Sheriff Deputy Jason Jones, who was on a ventilator and near death.

Parlato, who represented the Jones family in their lawsuit against Huguley for the right to try ivermectin, said “Dr. Bowden is a courageous warrior. While hospitals practiced their death protocol that killed hundreds of thousands, Dr. Bowden treated over 5,500 COVID patients and saved their lives. She is being targeted and investigated by the TMB in an effort to convince the public that their killing protocol never happened. They are trying to discredit and silence her from speaking the truth and exposing their crimes. It won’t work.”

Bowden told Miller that she informed the medical board that the Texas Health Huguley “created unnecessary roadblocks in the process” in the back and forth in court about her getting temporary privileges to prescribe medications.

“A patient fighting for his life should never have to hire a lawyer and seek help outside of the hospital to try safe therapeutics if he or she wishes,” Bowden said. “Jason Jones was treated like a prisoner. His wishes were ignored by his physicians and the administrators at Texas Huguley hospital. His wife had every right to ask me to help. I am being punished for trying to save his life.”

And save his life is exactly what Bowden’s advice did.

The hospital had called the police when a nurse went to administer the ivermectgin to Jones that Bowden prescribed.

“In this story, Erin Jones told me off the record at the time that she ended up secretly giving IVM to her husband in the hospital,” Miller wrote.

Soon after, Jones came off the ventilator and made a miraculous recovery.

“The public is on to the fraud committed by hospitals and the medical establishment, including medical boards which have become a politicized arm of the establishment,” said attorney Parlato. “The only thing Dr. Bowden is guilty of is saving lives, and our clients, Jason and Erin Jones, are truly grateful.”

Methodist Hospital, meanwhile, has been public in its attacks on Bowden since she came out in defense of the unvaccinated and the use of ivermectin.

According to Bowden, Methodist reported her to the medical board because the hospital claimed Bowden resigned her privileges while under investigation for an issue related to patient care. Bowden said that the information given to her by Methodist shows she was never technically under investigation.

“They were questioning my qualifications – whether or not I had the vaccine – and not anything to do with patient care,” said Bowden.

Methodist was the first hospital in the country to mandate the Covid injection for all of its staff.

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