Tale of two China policies: Optimal U.S. posture is ‘moral clarity, straight talk’

FPI / October 24, 2021


“What should Americans do today about Communist China? Tell the truth. Always,” said strategist Miles Yu in a speech in San Jose on Oct. 17.

Yu, who was born in China and advised former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, noted the contrasts between the Trump policy of upholding freedom in the eyes of all Chinese people and the world at large, and the deferential posture of the Biden administration.

China immediately sensed weakness in the new Biden administration in March when highest-ranking Chinese diplomat Yang Jiechi, left, lectured U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken.

The March meeting between Chinese and Biden administration diplomatic officials in Anchorage, Alaska was hijacked by the communists “to create the spectacle of China upbraiding the U.S. side in front of the world’s media,” Geostrategy-Direct’s Richard Fisher noted according to a report in the Washington Times.

Yang Jiechi, former Chinese Foreign Minister and now Politburo Member and highest-ranking Chinese diplomat, used a sharp lecture to condemn U.S. “condescension” and stated, “The United States does not have the qualification to say that it wants to speak to China from a position of strength,” meaning the U.S. is now weaker than China.

Yu, the Trump State Department China policy planning expert, said: “What was most disheartening about Anchorage was that America didn’t punch back hard enough. Maybe because of ‘woke’ politics and cancel culture, our own representatives didn’t have the confidence to stand up for America, and for freedom-loving people everywhere.”

During administration of President Donald Trump, “we had a China policy with an American attitude based on American values. We had moral clarity, straight talk, confidence and deep beliefs in American exceptionalism and every human being’s inalienable rights,” said Yu, a former Geostrategy-Direct.com contributing editor.

Yu said the problem facing the United States from China is simple: It is the threat posed by the Chinese Communist Party.

Worsening U.S.-China relations are not the fault of the Trump administration or anti-communist conservatives, Yu argued.

“The Chinese Communist Party is the problem. Its ideological hostility toward the United States is based on a fundamental antagonism toward freedom, especially freedom for Chinese people,” said Yu, who worked as the senior policy adviser to then-Secretary of State Mike Pompeo during the Trump administration.

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