Taiwan may fine Chinese journalist who lied to President Trump

by WorldTribune Staff, April 17, 2020

A journalist lied when he told President Donald Trump at a recent White House press conference he was working out of Taiwan. The journalist actually works for a propaganda arm of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), a report revealed.

Ching-Yi Chang. / YouTube

The National Pulse exposed Ching-Yi Chang on April 9, the day after he told Trump he was employed in Taiwan. He works for Dragon Television, owned in turn by Shanghai Media Group, one of the largest state-owned media groups in China.

According to Taiwan’s Liberty Times, Ching-Yi could be facing punitive action from Taiwan, including $16,000 in fines.

Raheem Kassam, editor-in-chief of the National Pulse, tweeted on April 9: ” ‘Reporter’ Ching-Yi Chang, told @realDonaldTrump he is from Taiwan yesterday in the White House. He was *born* in Taiwan. But he *works* for Chinese state owned Shanghai Media Group – a propaganda arm of the Chinese Communist Party.”

The Liberty Times report noted: “An unexpected twist of the event is that #Taiwan‘s Mainland Affairs Council, the official government agency in charge of cross-Strait affairs, came out today to say that since Chang is still a Taiwanese citizen, his employment by Dragon TV has violated the law that governs the relationship between #Taiwan and #China, in which Taiwanese nationals are prohibited from working for any companies run by the Chinese Communist Party.

“Since Dragon TV is an affiliation of the CCP, Chang has violated the relevant clause in the law, and the Mainland Affairs Council will now seek to penalize Chang for violating the law.”

The news followed the National Pulse expose of CCP propagandist Youyou Wang, who also lied to Trump during a press briefing, claiming her news outlet was privately owned.

Youyou works for Phoenix Satellite Holdings, owned by Liu Changle. Changle previously worked as a propaganda officer for China National Radio (then known as the Central People’s Broadcasting Station).

A further 20 percent of the company is owned by Extra Step Investments Limited, in turn owned by China Mobile Hong Kong, which itself is owned by the Chinese government-owned China Mobile.

Eight more percent of the company is owned by China Wise Investment Ltd, owned by the Bank of China.

This means at least 65 percent of Phoenix Satellite Holdings is owned by the government of China.

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