Survey: Half of Americans already preparing for civil war

by WorldTribune Staff, October 2, 2020

More than 60 percent of Americans in a new survey said they believe the nation is on the verge of civil war. And 52 percent are already preparing for such a catastrophe.

“A majority of Americans are bracing for the possibility of a politically-fired civil war, and more than half are already stockpiling food and other essential items to survive and fight back,” Washington Examiner columnist Paul Bedard noted, citing the survey by three firms, Engagious, the Sports and Leisure Research Group, and ROKK Solutions.

In the survey, 61 percent said that the United States is nearing a second civil war, including 41 percent who “strongly agree” with that assessment.

And 52 percent are so convinced that it is just around the corner, or after Election Day, that they are putting away food and other essentials, “an historic expansion of the prepper movement that has been brewing for years, now driven by fear and coronavirus-induced shortages,” Bedard wrote.

Rich Thau, president of Engagious, said: “This is the single most frightening poll result I’ve ever been associated with.”

“The current data shows an alarming trend that that extreme political polarization of our country has a majority of Americans concerned that our country could be a powder keg ready to explode into a Civil War,” said Ron Bonjean, a partner at ROKK Solutions.

Predictably, Bedard noted, “it’s the political extremes who are most ready for war, with 52 percent of very liberal, 52 percent of very conservative, 32 percent of somewhat liberal, 34 percent of moderate, and 35 percent of somewhat conservative respondents saying they believe the statement ‘I’m concerned that the U.S. could be on the verge of another civil war.’ ”

The coronavirus is also playing a big role in the nation’s anxiety. A majority of those who are stockpiling food and essentials are doing so because of concerns covid will spike, as many so-called “experts” are predicting.

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