Summit seen reinforcing Xi’s world view: ‘Correlation of forces’ has shifted to China

FPI / November 15, 2023


By Richard Fisher

While the Biden Administration deserves some credit for holding its temper, enduring numerous Chinese slights, to corral Chinese Communist Party (CCP) supremo Xi Jinping into a real summit on Nov. 15 with President Joe Biden, they are also making the common American mistake of assuming that one can “reason” with an enemy dedicated to its victory and our defeat.

Like their meeting on year ago Nov. 14, 2022 at the G20 Summit in Indonesia, the Nov. 15, 2023 meeting between U.S. President Joe Biden and Chinese leader Xi Jinping will have no impact on China’s trajectory toward global hegemony.

The key to Xi Jinping’s trajectory is his confidence that the “correlation of forces,” a constantly monitored assessment of all elements of national power, is consistently shifting to Communist China and away from the democratic United States of America.

With growing strength in all dimensions, the military power to dominate Asia and beyond, the technology to control the Earth-Moon System, the economic power to waste trillions of dollars on its Belt and Road System to purchase ruling elites globally, all resting on the confidence that all Chinese are sufficiently suppressed to bar temptations to revolt, Xi has the power to simply smile at Biden’s many requests and continue his systematic quest for global hegemony.

For his part, Xi sees an America that China has less and less reason to fear, an America full of drug, crime and homeless disasters like San Francisc.o, the host of the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) leaders meeting, and run by “Progressives,” future national leaders that will only further weaken the United States.

Look for Xi to continue China’s evasions of responsibility for its sale of Fentanyl precursor materials to Latin American drug cartels, which create and transport a drug that killed 73,654 Americans in 2022.

Xi wants to continue welcoming U.S. “Progressives” that oppose strict drug laws so China’s fentanyl can kill ever more Americans, especially young Americans that could be drafted to fight wars against China.

Xi sees a Biden Administration that in 2023 has told its people and the world that it will not contest China’s rapid expansion toward nuclear weapon superiority at the regional and strategic levels, by building more U.S. strategic and nuclear weapons.

This alone ensures that by threatening nuclear defeat, Xi Jinping can blackmail or coerce Washington from defending partners like Taiwan from Chinese invasion, or allies like Japan and the Philippines from Chinese attacks against their territory.

Communist China has never expressed an interest in nuclear arms control that could reduce China’s nuclear weapons, and the rare meeting last Nov. 6 between mid-level U.S. State Department and Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs arms control officials did not provide any indication this has changed.

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With America deterred from defending its allies, Xi basically has a free hand to increase his daily military coercion against Taiwan and the Philippines, his proliferation of nuclear and non-nuclear weapons to North Korea, military technology to Iran, both of which, along with China, are now supporting Vladimir Putin’s war against Ukraine.

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