Scalise to NY Times: Remove Trump assassination short story

by WorldTribune Staff, October 26, 2018

Rep. Steve Scalise, who was shot last year at a congressional baseball practice by a Bernie Sanders supporter, is calling on The New York Times to remove a short story about the assassination of President Donald Trump.

Rep. Steve Scalise. / Getty Images

“The media needs to take accountability for the role they are playing in promoting dangerous rhetoric and division in this country, particularly against President Trump and his supporters,” the Louisiana Republican said in a statement to The Daily Caller.

“The decision by The New York Times to run this piece is irresponsible and offensive, and they should remove it and apologize.”

The short story, titled “How It Ends”, was written by English novelist Zoe Sharp. The story details how a Russian assassin receives help from a Secret Service agent to kill Trump.

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A spokesperson for the New York Times responded to Scalise’s statement to the Daily Caller by saying: “This is a bad faith inquiry, part of an attempt to manufacture a story. It’s very clear what this is: a work of fiction, commissioned by editors of the Book Review as part of a package of five stories penned by a range of spy and crime novelists – in the Halloween edition.”

After “potential explosive devices” were sent to multiple high-profile Democrats this week, Scalise took to Twitter to say: “These attempted attacks that have been made are beyond criminal, they are acts of pure terror. Violence and terror have no place in our politics or anywhere else in our society. I have experienced first-hand the effects of political violence, and am committed to using my voice to speak out against it wherever I can.”

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