Soros tools targeting Ford and other disobedient corporations, media

by WorldTribune Staff, November 1, 2021

After starting a company name straight out of an Orwell novel — “Good Information Inc.” — last month with the stated mission of “tackling misinformation,” leftist billionaires George Soros and Reid Hoffman are deploying operatives to carry out their mission of forcing corporations such as Ford to obey their leftist narrative, an analysis noted.

One of those Soros tools, Nandini Jammi, claims that Ford and LEGO pulled their ads from Rumble broadcasts of conservative commentator Dan Bongino. She also targeted Tommy Hilfiger for advertising on Bongino’s show, Matt Palumbo noted in a Nov. 1 analysis for

Polumbo noted that he had “requested verification” from Ford on Jammi’s claims, but had not “heard back as of writing.”

“If Ford did indeed pull ads, their weakness ought to be brand-suicide,” Polumbo wrote. “When it comes to the political affiliation of those who purchase Ford’s vehicles, Republicans outnumber Democrats two-to-one (of note, Ford is a separate entity than the notoriously liberal Ford Foundation). Unsurprisingly, there aren’t many Antifa driving Ford F-150s. Meanwhile, the demographic data of Twitter reveals that if the platform were its own congressional district, it would be D+15 (about as liberal as Vermont, the most liberal state in the union).”

Jammi also targeted Ford for advertising on Lt. Gen. Mike Flynn’s Rumble broadcasts.

Jammi has previously defended Chad Loder, who Polumbo notes is “an Antifa member that has retraining orders filed against him and sends topless photos of himself to women on Twitter that he barely knows.” She is also going after advertisers of platforms that report on Loder’s alleged misdeeds, “mainly The Post Millennial,” Polumbo noted.

Polumbo added: “If conservatives want to win the ‘cancel culture’ battle, they must stop purchasing from corporations that hate them and are willing to sell them out to calm dozens of crazies on Twitter. If they’re willing to cancel us, we must cancel them back. Last month Dan (Bongino) cancelled one sponsor of his radio show that fell for an Antifa hoax inspired by Loder and Nandini – and the rest of us should do the same.”

As for Good Information Inc., Jammi in her own tweet announcing her Soros-linked venture, writes: “Not a single adtech executive has reached out to congratulate us on our new venture, and that should tell you everything you need to know.”

As Polumbo pointed out: “Yeah – it tells us that you suck.”

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