Soros official’s horrifying testimony on the consequences of public policy his boss advocates

Special to, August 4, 2022

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Commentary by Joe Schaeffer

A “sexual health” expert at the notorious Open Society Foundations has become living proof of the horrifying consequences that come with drinking from his boss George Soros’s nation-destroying poisoned well.

Soros intentionally promotes grave social and cultural misery as weapons in his battle against a Western Civilization that he utterly despises. We take no particular joy in noting that those in his orbit are not immune to the tortuously painful effects of the societal evils they help cultivate in his name.

Open Society Foundations has been a determined advocate for the decriminalization of prostitution for years. Sebastian Kohn, in his guise as a Soros sexual health specialist, has helped lead the charge.

According to his LinkedIn page, Sebastian Kohn is “Division Director, Signature Initiatives at Open Society Foundations.” Before that, he held the title of “Project Director, Public Health” at OSF from April 2017 to September 2021.

Kohn and his OSF standing became something of a news item on July 23 when he penned a frighteningly personal essay for UK globalist establishment newspaper The Guardian (funded by Bill Gates) on how he acquired monkeypox. From the article:

I got monkeypox and it’s been a total nightmare.

When New York Pride festivities kicked off on 24 June, I was aware that monkeypox was an emerging issue – especially for gay men – but I was also under the impression that the number of cases in the city was relatively small. What I didn’t understand was how absolutely dismal testing capacity was: at that point, the city only had capacity to process ten tests a day.

I had sex with several guys over the weekend. Then a week later, on 1 July, I started feeling very fatigued. I had a high fever with chills and muscle aches, and my lymph nodes were so swollen they were protruding two inches out of my throat.

In other words, OSF-branded public health expert Kohn engaged in wildly reckless promiscuous homosexual practices with a slew of men during a weekend of debauchery. And paid a terrible price for it:

After I went home, the rash started spreading, and I began to feel anxious. I developed lesions literally everywhere; they started out looking like mosquito bites before developing into pimply blisters that would eventually pop, then finally scab before leaving a scar. I had them on my skull, on my face, my arms, my legs, my feet, my hands, my torso, my back, and five just on my right elbow. At the peak, I had over 50 lesions, a fever of 103F and intense pain, prompting a panic attack. Ironically, the only place I didn’t have lesions was my penis.

The next day I got my STI results: positive for gonorrhea. But no word yet on monkeypox. That’s when I developed hives everywhere on my body from my neck down, as well as a headache, arthritis pain in my fingers and shoulders and a strange pain in my shin bone that got so painful that I couldn’t stand up. At night, I would wake up going crazy with both pain and itching from the lesions and hives, just sitting up in bed and scratching myself. I was isolated, lonely and frustrated with how unfair the situation was. I was clearly very sick, yet had to cobble together a care plan on my own.

We’ll spare you the rest of the details, which are far more gruesome. The intent here is not to take cheap personal shots at a human being. But it is more than fair to point out that Kohn as part of his assigned duties at Open Society is an enthusiastic advocate of the legalization of the very kind of dangerous sexual practices that led to his terrifying monkeypox and gonorrhea trauma.

It is that public advocacy, made at the behest of cultural rot facilitator par excellence George Soros, that we aim to highlight here.

Open Society Foundations has been a determined advocate for the decriminalization of prostitution for years. Sebastian Kohn, in his guise as a Soros sexual health specialist, has helped lead the charge.

Here he is in April 2015, writing on behalf of OSF and flat-out stating that the societal elimination of prostitution would be a bad thing:

France is one of many countries in Europe and elsewhere where sex work is high on the legislative agenda. In Canada, England, Germany, Ireland, Lithuania, Northern Ireland, and Scotland, curious alliances between the political left and right have led to a groundswell of populist support to end the demand for sex work, with scant regard for the lives or the voices of sex workers themselves.

Long before his monkeypox weekend, Kohn was writing that If communities get rid of all restrictions on unhealthy sexual practices, disease spread, in this case HIV infection, is greatly reduced:

Recent research has also confirmed a negative link between criminalization and HIV infection among sex workers. In a special issue of the Lancet published in July 2014, a team of researchers found that full decriminalization — in other words, the removal of all criminal and administrative penalties for workers, clients, and third parties — is the single most effective way of fighting HIV infection among sex workers. According to the researchers, decriminalization could lead to as much as a 46 percent decline in new HIV infections over the next decade.

Kohn cites an OSF official publication:

These facts, and many others, are included in the updated, second edition of our reference brief, 10 Reasons to Decriminalize Sex Work. First published in 2012, we offer readers quick, digestible reasons why full decriminalization is the best policy for promoting the health and human rights of sex workers, their families, and their communities. This update features new research in the field, and draws from recent events.

The more one reads of Kohn’s activities at OSF, the more disturbing things get. A July 2015 article of his sickeningly reveals that OSF goes far beyond mere legalization and is openly supporting prostitution:

The first thing that those who disagree with Amnesty [International]’s policy [in favor of the decriminalization of prostitution] can do is listen to sex workers themselves. From South Africa to the United Kingdom, sex worker organizations supported by the Open Society Foundations say that criminalizing sex workers or their clients serves only to fuel social stigma and to separate them from society, safety, and services. The global refrain from sex workers is clear: “Rights, not rescue.”

Given that Soros is pushing his culture of death potions on our communities, with a special focus on the young and the vulnerable, is it really out of line to point out how disastrous Kohn’s words here have turned out in his own personal life?

For those who care about bodily autonomy and choice, decriminalization recognizes that individuals deserve to make personal decisions about their own bodies without overbearing interference from the state. Laws against sex work intrude into private, sexual behaviors between consenting adults — something that societies across the world have increasingly decided is inappropriate when it comes to reproductive and LGBTI rights.

Here is Kohn again pushing legalized sex work at OSF in 2017.

His argument in defense of johns, expressed in 2016: by making the purchase of human flesh for unhealthy, unsanitary and often degenerate sexual practices illegal, you make it harder to perform such acts in a “safe” way.

Countries like Sweden, Norway, Canada, Northern Ireland, and France have made it a crime to purchase, but not sell, sexual services. This “partial” criminalization, which posits sex workers as victims and their clients as exploiters, still leads to complete harms. It forces sex work to take place underground, away from safety and services.

After just six months of partial criminalization in France, sex workers report having to work longer hours for less pay and accept clients they previously would have rejected. Now, Ireland is considering adopting a similar approach.

Yet what he did to catch his monkeypox and gonorrhea was fully legal. There was nothing holding him back. Legalization did nothing to spare Sebastian Kohn from the natural consequences that come from indulging in an orgy of unnatural acts.

A note at the end of that last article is especially pathetic. Isn’t it disheartening to see that Soros funds prostitution in Ireland, which had stood as an overwhelmingly traditional Christian nation as recently as three decades ago?

Sex Workers Alliance Ireland is a grantee of the Open Society Foundations.

What trouble does this man NOT sow?

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