Snakethink: How Christie helped position Wray to get Trump

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Commentary by Bill Juneau, March 4, 2024

Chris Christie, 61, is a former Republican governor from the hardline Democratic state of New Jersey. He has the reputation as a GOP bull dog, but lately he has become more understanding of the Party of the Jackass with whom he shares its strong opposition to the reelection of President Trump.

In 2016, while still the governor of that deep blue state which abuts New York where hating Donald Trump is a career, he was one of some 18 candidates who scrambled without success to become the GOP candidate for President. He was again on debate stage as a candidate for the upcoming November, 2024, presidential election — but only briefly — as the popularity of the former Republican president overshadowed his weak candidacy in polls and in primary elections.

Wray had represented Christie in the so-called New Jersey “Bridgegate” scandal, and had kept him from culpable involvement and going to jail. / Video Image

Following his unimpressive appearances in a good many 2016 primary debates, and having become somewhat of a goat because of films showing him hugging Democratic President Obama, Christie dropped out of the race. He envisioned greener fields and announced with enthusiasm his support for Donald Trump who subsequently became the GOP nominee. Trump went on to win the election over Democrat Hillary Clinton, and was sworn into office in January of 2017.

With many achievements benefiting Americans of all races and colors and in maintaining a secure border with new programs and 450 miles of a steel wall, Trump completed his four year term in 2020, but lost in his bid for a second term to Joe Biden. The Biden win was controversial and President Trump contended that the election was dishonest and had been “stolen” by lying Democrats and a media which covered up evidence of improper procedures and corrupt Biden conduct.

In preparation for the 2024 election next November, Christie spent only a short time as an announced Republican candidate. Quickly, he saw the writings on the wall and withdrew from contention. But he did so with a “backflip” and an attack on President Trump whom he had supported without reservation four years earlier.

Announcing his withdrawal, he tore into the ex- President, accusing him of being a “lonely, self-consumed mirror hog” who poses a threat to the republic; and who was responsible for the January 6 “insurrection” and “that he should be impeached again.”

In 2016, Christie had proclaimed that he was solidly in Trump’s corner and following the election, he headed the Trump Transition Team in finding and recommending competent men and women with a conservative, Christian attitude to serve in the new president’s administration.

In 2016 and 2017, Christie never held back in his praise of Donald Trump. Also, it was reported that he and his wife, Mary Pat had for 10 years or more been close friends with Trump and the Trump family. He will be an outstanding President, said Christi, who had governed New Jersey from 2010 to 2018, and prior to the governor’s office, had served for eight years as a United States attorney for New Jersey, appointed by President Bush. So what made Christie change?

Christie, who nursed his visage as a GOP attack dog, wanted a spot in the Trump cabinet. Attorney General; Homeland Security Director; Chief of Staff, or even Secretary of State were acceptable offices in the Christie playbook for his future. In the end, however, Christie was never appointed to a cabinet position and his enmity for being ignored apparently grew and festered. Today, Christie is the harshest and loudest Republican critic of Donald Trump, his old friend.

In one of his money making new gigs, Chris Christie has become a political talking head, and has joined hands with the liberals at the ABC News desk. Nowadays, Christie is apparently still licking his wounds and getting even by talking up the negative aspects of former President Trump. He is swapping, chatting and sharing criticisms with Trump haters in interviews and at the televised round table. “He must never be president again,” asserts Christie, as he muckrakes the former president. At one talk session, he opined that Senator Joe Manchin of West Virginia, a Democrat, would make for a good president.

In 2017, after President Trump sacked his FBI director, James Comey for incompetence and for sneaky plans to make Trump look like a water carrier for Russian President Vladimir Putin, he picked Christopher Wray for the job, and the disingenuous Wray allowed the FBI to undermine President Trump. Wray had represented Christie in the so-called New Jersey “Bridgegate” scandal, and had kept him from culpable involvement and going to jail; and correspondingly, Christie became the key force to President Trump recommending Wray’s appointment as FBI Director.

“If Trump becomes the GOP nominee for President in next November’s Presidential election, it would amount to a “death sentence” for the GOP, said Christie. His brother- commentator at ABC, George Stephanopoulos, certainly agreed. In fact, after withdrawing as a 2024 candidate, the rotund Christie gave his first post-candidacy interview to Stephanopoulos, one of the media’s most dedicated, liberal Democrats, who had earned his silver spurs as a defender and mouthpiece for Bill and Hillary Clinton.

Wray had represented Christie in the so-called New Jersey “Bridgegate” scandal, and had kept him from culpable involvement and going to jail; and correspondingly, Christie became the key force to President Trump recommending Wray’s appointment as FBI Director.

You might wonder how Trump feels about having appointed Christopher Wray as director of the FBI in 2017, replacing James Comey who he fired. It was Christie who told him of the political smarts and loyal, down-the middle-legal prowess of Wray; and Trump bought it all and appointed him to head the world’s most respected police agency, and the Senate gave its approval.

In office, Director Wray allowed his subordinates to attack Trump in a variety of ways. He allowed the concealment from the public of the Hunter Biden laptop computer which had been confiscated by FBI agents. Hunter’s computer contained messages incriminating his father, former Vice President Joe Biden, now President Biden, for taking money from ill-gotten contracts with Red China and Ukraine. Hunter frequently referred in his emails to his father as the “big guy,” and that money was being earmarked for him.

Wray has remained in good standing with the Biden administration, and is a malleable pawn for the lying Merrick Garland, Attorney General, but it is inconceivable that he would ever remain as the FBI director if Trump is reelected to a second term in the coming November.

Trump has been guarded in comments about his “old friend,” Chris Christie, who continues to hang with liberals around ABC News, badmouthing President Trump at every opportunity. Trump has summed up his feelings for the pear-shaped Christie by describing him as “a bum.”