Sidney Powell is deposing Dominion’s Eric Coomer today; 2020 voting data overwritten in Colorado

by WorldTribune Staff, September 23, 2021

Attorney Sidney Powell announced that her legal team has been granted the opportunity by a Colorado court to depose Dominion Voting Systems security director Eric Coomer.

Powell’s team was granted two hours worth of questions in a deposition on Sept. 23.

The deposition was granted by the Colorado court overseeing a defamation lawsuit filed by Coomer that alleges Powell and other parties falsely accused him of being a key actor in “rigging” the 2020 election for Joe Biden.

Richard Harris of Truth and Liberty Coalition asked Powell if the court “is going to give you some discovery in that case?”

Powell replied: “Yeah, actually the court in Colorado, which is the first case and that’s the one Coomer brought against us, has given us a short but two-hour deposition of him before we even get to deciding what is called an ‘anti-slap issue.’ That’s a whole other legal thing. I won’t even get into it. But basically you have a right in Colorado by statute to talk about issues of national importance without being slapped with a deposition lawsuit, which is exactly what we were doing and there’s a hearing on that later this month. But we’re going to get a first deposition of Mr. Coomer on September 23rd as it stands now.”

Powell continued: “And then we get discovery in the Dominion lawsuit some time after we file our final answer on the 24th. And that is going to be where the rubber really meets the road. We are all salivating over that.”

In another major development Mesa County, Colorado Clerk and Recorder Tina Peters delivered a forensic cybersecurity report covering election machine analysis to county commissioners which proves “systematic destruction of election records in Colorado voting systems by the Secretary of State’s staff and voting system vendor during the ‘Trusted Build’ updates that took place in Colorado over the summer,” the U.S. Election Integrity Plan said in a Sept. 21 press release.

“The extensive report vindicated citizens’ concerns about 2020 election malfeasance, justifies Peters preservation of election records obligated by federal and state law, and proves crimes were committed by others – not Peters,” the report said.

Installing the Trusted Build overwrote the 2020 election data and reportedly violated federal election law which requires data to be preserved for 22 months.

(See an in-depth analysis on the Trusted Build here.)

Unknown to Colorado Secretary of State Jena Griswold, Peters “did her job extremely well. She made a backup! Griswold is too late in covering up her crime. Though Griswold tries to prosecute Peters, it will be Griswold going to jail, unless Biden pardons her,” according to a post on Telegram cited by Sidney Powell.

The report submitted by Peters provides a story line of events and subsequent implications:

• The Destruction of evidence. Destruction of election records, election-related data that’s required to be preserved under federal and state law.
• Thousands of election records were destroyed.
• Secretary of State Griswold and the vendor deleted the election records.
• Through the “Trusted Build” hardware and software election systems update.
• By way of Griswold’s approved procedures for the updates.
• Due to Griswold’s certified election system configuration. Configurations directed by the Secretary of State were designed to automatically overwrite election data.
• The election system was illegally certified. The report stops short of stating Griswold’s certification of the voting systems complete with an election record-destroying configuration was illegal. However, Colorado statute is explicit that the Federal Voting System Standards are mandatory. The SecState’s certification allowed the use of a non-compliant voting system in Colorado elections.
• The deleted election records eliminate the possibility of a complete forensic election audit. The type of audit SecState Griswold has sought to prohibit by her controversial election rules which were rubber-stamped into law through CO Attorney General Phil Weiser.

During a Mesa County Commission meeting on Sept. 20, District 2 Commissioner Scott McInnis “in a final attempt to disparage Peters, repeated false accusations by Griswold that Peters had leaked passwords during her legal backup of election systems,” the the U.S. Election Integrity Plan report said. “McInnis is weak on the facts. It was Griswold who was in sole custody of the BIOS passwords in question; she bears the responsibility to prove she or her office didn’t lose control of their passwords. Mesa County Commissioners continue to show their fecklessness, dishonesty, and lack of understanding given the report Peters delivered was a courtesy initial version. The official report filed in Peters defense pleadings is complete with any information the commissioners claim, falsely, to be missing.”

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