Sex wars: A female journalist in NC calls for honesty about women, not just men

by WorldTribune Staff, December 13, 2017

Sen. Al Franken, Alabama’s Roy Moore, President Donald Trump are just at the top of a growing list of the male politicians taking heat for alleged sins against women.

The sex revolution of the last century has delivered massive blowback in the form of daily and sensational outrages that began in early October with the expose of Hollywood’s Harvey Weinstein. Raging like a southern California wildfire, the scandals are laying waste to a long list of celebrities for the purpose, some think, of ridding the country of its president.

What is gong on? “Can we be honest about men?” David French asked in a recent column for National Review.

Referring to the wave of sexual harassment accusations in the media, politics, and entertainment, French wondered “When will it end?”

“Sexual temptation is so powerful and omnipresent that no human society will ever be free of sexual scandal, but there are moral systems that — if applied — can mitigate original sin.”

“Good advice, of course, and I have no problem with the basic points of French’s article, but I do take issue with the assumption that women are passive and innocent in this sexual interplay between the sexes,” Denise C. McAllister, a Charlotte, North Carolina-based journalist, wrote for The Federalist on Dec. 12.

“This might not have been his intention, since he was focusing on men, but we can’t let these conversations remain fixed only on men, as if they alone exploit. We can’t always assume women are hapless damsels in distress horrified by how they’re objectified.”

“Please, gentlemen, when you are writing diatribes on the depravities of your own sex, don’t paint women as pure and innocent. They’re not. They can twist and distort their natural impulses and desires just as a man can – and they do,” McAllister wrote.

“How many women try to attract men in the office, media, entertainment industry, and politics to taste the power, to reap the rewards, whatever those might be? Are they really in a position to complain when a man responds? I don’t think so. The honest ones know exactly what they’re doing and accept the bumps that come from riding down that particular road.”

McAllister continued: “This does not mean I am condoning violence toward women, criminal behavior, actual exploitation, sexual abuse, or workplace harassment. I wouldn’t approve of such actions from men any more than I would condone a woman stealing from a man, using him to take his money, marrying him for her own selfish reasons only to emotionally abuse him, or exploiting his success for her own gain. …

“It would help if we assumed the best of each other instead of the worst. Let men love a woman’s beauty, and let a woman delight in a man’s competence and success. This is part of the dance between the masculine and the feminine, and we’d be miserable if we stopped it. …

“We are not animals, ruled by appetites. We have deeper aspects of ourselves that need to be nurtured. We have a rational mind and moral conscience to inform us of what is right and what is wrong. We have a spirit that has a beauty all its own, and it’s a beauty that never diminishes, unlike the physical, which passes away too quickly.”

Read McAllister’s full column here

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