Senior Brotherhood member arrested in Cairo attack on Israeli Arab tourists

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Egyptian authorities on Jan. 11 arrested a senior Muslim Brotherhood member for allegedly ordering an attack last week on a bus carrying Israeli tourists.

Police at the scene of an attack on an Israeli tourist bus in Cairo on Jan. 7.
Police at the scene of an attack on an Israeli tourist bus in Cairo on Jan. 7.

Muslim Brotherhood member Abd El-Aal Al-Ashry, the brother of former parliamentarian Gamal Al-Ashry, was arrested, according to Daily News Egypt.

Al-Ashry and his sons are accused of taking part in the Jan. 7 shooting attack which targeted a bus carrying Israeli Arab tourists outside Three Pyramids Hotel in Cairo.

Security sources in Egypt made clear that the tourists on the bus were Israeli Arabs and not Jews.

Egyptian investigators said that Al-Ashry allegedly ordered a number of Muslim Brotherhood members, including his two songs, to carry out the attack.

Investigators also discovered that Al-Ashry had received assignments from Muslim Brotherhood leaders in Qatar to carry out “several terrorist operations” targeting hotels in the area surrounding the Great Pyramids in Giza.

Meanwhile, Islamic State of Iraq and Levant (ISIL) claimed responsibility for the Jan. 8 attack on the Bella Vista Hotel in the Red Sea resort city of Hurghada, in which two foreign tourists were wounded.

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