Security guard protecting media crew shot and killed amid looting spree in Oakland

Analysis by WorldTribune Staff, November 30, 2021

Big Media reported on the Nov. 24 murder of Kevin Nishita, a security guard who was detailed to a news crew which was covering a string of robberies in Oakland.

Kevin Nishita

What Big Media did not acknowledge is arguably the most important part of the story, critics say — that Big Media played a large part in creating the environment which led to the murder of Nishita, a former police officer who was working as an armed guard for Star Protection Agency.

A KRON-TV camera crew was covering a smash-and-grab retail theft at the Prime 356 clothing store in downtown Oakland. Nishita was killed when a group of armed robbers attempted to steal the crew’s camera equipment. He was shot in the abdomen during the robbery attempt and later died from his injuries. The robbery marked the second time the clothing store had been cleared out by looters over the span of a month.

“This senseless loss of life is due to yet another violent criminal act in the Bay Area. We hope that offering a reward will help lead to the arrest of those responsible so they can face justice for this terrible tragedy,” KRON-TV’s vice president and general manager Jim Rose said in a statement. A reward of $32,500 is being offered for information that leads to an arrest in the killing.

Oakland, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Beverly Hills have seen many instances in recent weeks where caravans of cars pull up to retail outlets and large numbers of looters then clean them out.

“If Democrats don’t immediately stop smash-and-grab robberies, which are taking place in their cities, the National Guard must be called out,” former President Donald Trump said in a statement. “There has never been such a thing that has happened in our Country. Large numbers of stores are leaving San Francisco and other cities. Some chains are closing most of their stores, it is all not even believable.”

Critics say it won’t stop as long as Democrats push policies, and Big Media advocates for them, such as eliminating bail and making theft of anything under $950 in merchandise a misdemeanor, which California’s Proposition 47 did.

The same media which insisted last summer’s rioting and looting in cities nationwide was merely “peaceful protests” are also referring to the intentional massacre in Waukesha, Wisconsin as a “Deadly Parade Crash.”

The media “has a conflict of interest,” Fox News host Greg Gutfeld noted. “They stoked racial tensions with lies about Kyle Rittenhouse, in the same state this massacre took place in. That makes it less intentional homicide, and more an act of God.”

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich noted that “media will do all it can to not communicate how bad crime is.”

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