Say what? Biden says he plans to build railroad ‘from the Pacific all the way across the Indian Ocean’

by WorldTribune Staff / 247 Real News June 15, 2023

Joe Biden said on Thursday that his administration plans to build a new railroad. It is no ordinary railroad. It would span nearly half the world.

Joe Biden speaks to the League of Conservation Voters on Thursday. / Video Image

“We have plans to build a railroad from the Pacific all the way across the Indian Ocean,” Biden said in a speech to the League of Conservation Voters.

Though building an 8,000-mile railroad doesn’t seem very conservation-friendly, the League of Conservation Voters nonetheless endorsed Biden for 2024. Some say, before he hits the campaign trail, Biden might want some pointers from the League of Conversation Voters.

Though mocking Joe’s Big Choo Choo Project was likely frowned upon by the Left, Twitter users had at it anyway:

Columnist Ian Haworth wrote: “Who’s going to run that train, SpongeBob?”

Rob Schmitt of Newsmax notd: “F yeah!!! 8,000 MILE OCEAN TRAIN! BIDEN 2024!!”

Breitbart’s Joel Pollak chimed in: “Wow. Mayor Pete really does walk on water.”

Biden on Thursday went on to claim for the third time in one week that Africa has fewer than one billion people. “Soon, Africa will have one billion people,” he said.

According to Johns Hopkins University, Africa’s population passed the 1 billion mark in 2009.

A May poll found that strong majorities of Americans have concerns about Biden’s “health and mental acuity,” including three in four Democrats, with 50 percent being either “very” or “somewhat” concerned and 26 percent being “slightly” concerned.

A majority of voters sampled by Quinnipiac polling also believe Biden is too old to serve a second term.

The 80-year-old Biden on Thursday also seemed to say something about one of his team’s signature programs: “The Build Back Biden – Build Back Better and we realize that got confusing so now we don’t call it that – what we call it is — here’s the bottom line, look, we’re the ones that caused the problem.”

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