Russia announces annexation of eastern, southern Ukraine territories

by WorldTribune Staff / 247 Real News September 30, 2022

In a lengthy “mission accomplished” speech on Friday, Russian leader Vladimir Putin declared that annexation declarations have been signed by the heads of Ukraine territories Luhansk, Donetsk, Kherson and Zaporizhzhia.

Putin declared the regions are now part of Russia “forever” and touted referendums in which the residents of each territory voted to join Russia as an accomplishment in line with the UN charter on self-determination for all peoples.

Russian leader Vladimir Putin gives a speech during a ceremony at the Kremlin on Sept. 30 formally annexing four regions of Ukraine. / AFP

Putin vowed: “They have made their choice… this is the only path to peace. We will protect our land using all our forces and we will protect their security. We will of course rebuild all destroyed towns and continue building hospitals, theaters, and schools.”

Ukraine’s government responded to Russia’s formal annexation of the territories by saying it has applied to become a member of the NATO military alliance.

In comments following Putin’s speech, Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg emphasized that NATO countries will not in any way recognize Russian sovereignty over the four newly declared annexed territories.

In a speech broadcast from Saint George’s Hall at the Grand Kremlin Palace of Moscow, Putin said Russia’s “special operation” will continue until at least all of Donetsk is captured. At this point, none of the entirety of each of the four regions are yet under total Russian military control.

Putin also blamed the United States for this week’s sabotage of the Nord Stream pipelines that have left the damaged pipelines leaking huge amounts of natural gas into the Baltic Sea.

“It’s obvious to everyone who did it,” he said.

On the issue of dwindling energy supplies and soaring costs headed into what’s sure to be a rough, frigid winter for European populations, he slammed Western elites for a problem of their own making:

“They print money, but you cannot warm your homes with this printed money… They have to convince their citizens to shower less, eat less, and put on warm clothes. The Western elites.. it’s a crisis due to their own fault.”

All eyes were also on the lookout for any references to Russia’s nuclear stance, with The Moscow Times relating Putin’s words as follows: “He also slammed Washington’s past use of nuclear weapons, comments that follow his warning last week that he ‘wasn’t bluffing’ about resorting to ‘any means necessary’ in Ukraine. ‘The U.S. is the only country in the world to have used nuclear weapons,’ Putin said. ‘Creating a precedent.’ As Putin spoke in the Kremlin, hundreds of Russians gathered in Red Square in front of a stage emblazoned with the words ‘Donetsk. Luhansk. Zaporizhzhia. Kherson. Russia!'”

Putin added: “The dictatorship of the Western elite is directed against all societies, including against the peoples of those Western countries themselves. It’s a challenge for all. This means the total negation of the human, the overthrow of religion and traditional values as the crushing of freedom becomes to look like the opposite of religion – open Satanism.

“Do we really want to have a parent No. 1, No. 2, No. 3 instead of mom and dad in Russia? Do we want children to be told that there are other genders besides men and women? Is this the future we want for our children? For us, this is unacceptable.”

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