Romania is first ex-Soviet bloc state to stand with U.S. on missile defense

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By Miles Yu,

The Pentagon has agreed to start deploying a missile defense system in Romania beginning in early October.

deveselu.jpg-300x229The U.S. missile defense system will be installed at the Deveselu military base in Southern Romania, putting Romania ahead of Poland and the Czech Republic as the first former communist country in Europe to deploy land-based anti-missile interceptors.

This event will surely irk Russia that views any U.S.-led missile defense system in its former sphere of influence in Europe as a challenge to its national security.

The bilateral agreement to deploy missile interceptors inside Romania was signed at the Pentagon on Sept. 12, 2011, one day after the 10th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. The planned interceptors include the land-based SM-3 ballistic missile defense system.

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