Reuters blames Muslims’ slaughter of 140 Nigerian Christians on climate change

Analysis by WorldTribune Staff, December 27, 2023

Muslim gunmen over the weekend attacked and slaughtered at least 140 Christians in remote villages in north-central Nigeria’s Plateau state.

Nigerian Christians bury victims of an attack by Muslim herdsmen.

The assailants, according to local officials, were Muslim Fulani herdsmen who have long had disputes with the region’s mainly Christian farmers. They targeted 17 communities in “senseless and unprovoked” attacks on Saturday and Sunday, burning down most houses in the area, Plateau Gov. Caleb Mutfwang said in a broadcast on the local Channels Television.

“As I am talking to you, in Mangu local governorate alone, we buried 15 people. As of this morning, in Bokkos, we are counting not less than 100 corpses. I am yet to take stock of (the deaths in) Barkin Ladi,” Mutfwan said. “It has been a very terrifying Christmas for us here in Plateau.”

Amnesty International’s Nigeria office told The Associated Press that it has so far confirmed 140 deaths in the Christian-dominated Bokkos and Barkin-Ladi areas of Plateau, based on data compiled by its workers on the ground and from local officials.

There were fears of a higher death toll as some people remained unaccounted for.

While local officials and rights groups detailed what they said was an obvious attack by Muslims on Christians, the leftist media still couldn’t resist putting a woke spin on it.

Reuters actually blamed the slaughter of 140 Christians on climate change.

Reuters stated:

Experts and politicians say climate change and expanding agriculture are creating competition for land, pushing farmers and herders into conflict.

Nomadic cattle herders are from northern Nigeria, which is getting drier and becoming more prone to drought and floods. That is forcing them to trek further south, where farmers are increasing production as the population rapidly expands.

That means less land for nomads and their cattle, supporting the view among local people that the conflict is based on the availability of resources rather than ethnic or religious differences.

As it rides along on the woke bandwagon, Yahoo News ran with the Reuters propaganda piece … and was eviscerated in the comments section of the article.

Among the responses:

• The push for the climate change cult by the media is about as truthful as the media objectively reporting on the covid cult over the past couple of years… It’s time to question who really influences the narratives produced by the “media”… The question in this article should be, “why are Muslims around the world killing innocent Christians, Jews, Hindu’s, and Buddhists??”

• Could Reuters be more obtuse in their reporting? Let’s switch the religions where Christians are killing Muslims. Reuters would call it what it is. Religious extermination. So sad that Reuters is so wrapped up in protecting Muslim atrocities that they blame the entire event on climate change. Very Orwellian state run media type of reporting.

• Conflict between herders and farmers is as old as agriculture. Leftist media never misses an opportunity to push their agenda.

• More Christians being slaughtered. This isn’t the genocide the media and leftist politicians care about.

• Proof positive that stupid pills are real. The correspondent and editor overdosed and took the 1000mg dosage. The dosage produces the la la land effect that supplants misinformation with stupity. The idiocy is likely to be nominated for Pulitzer Prize committee who are addicted to the pills.

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