Retired S. Korean generals slam Kim-Moon ‘fake peace’, ‘collapse of security’

by WorldTribune Staff, February 4, 2019

The administration of liberal President Moon Jae-In is engaged in a “fake peace” process with an “unreliable” Kim Jong-Un regime, a group of more than 400 retired South Korean generals said in a pair of statements.

Moon met with Kim three times last year and has invited the North Korean leader to make his first visit to Seoul this year.

Members of the Korean Retired Generals Defending the Nation. / East Asia Research Center

In a statement to South Korea’s armed forces, made available in English by the East Asia Research Center, the generals said:

“First, all active-duty service men and women in the Army, Navy, Air Force and Marine Corps, you must decide whether you will give up on the people, territory and sovereignty of this nation by being misled by the sugar-coated ‘fake peace’ and ‘inter-Korean collaboration’ rhetoric or safeguard them by performing your sacred military duty specified in Article 5 of the Constitution…

“Second, the Moon administration signed ‘the 9·19 Inter-Korean Military Agreement’ that unilaterally neutralize ROK’s security capability though Pyongyang has not shown any substantial progress towards denuclearization.

“Third, all service men and women on active duty should not be enticed by the North’s ‘juche’ ideology advocating the three-generation hereditary dictatorship and aiming at communizing the entire peninsula.”

In a statement to the people of South Korea, the generals said:

“We at KRGDN (Korean Retired Generals Defending the Nation) can no longer turn a blind eye to the current gloomy situation that may lead to not only a collapse of security but a demise of the nation. Therefore, we plead for your support.

“The ‘peace on the Korean Peninsula’ that the Moon administration and the Kim regime in the North are jointly shouting does not mean genuine peace. Rather, it is ‘fake peace’ designed to communize the whole peninsula. It is nothing more than a deceiving propaganda tactic to disrupt, incapacitate and disable ROK’s security capability, withdraw the U.S. forces in South Korea (USFK) and communize the country.

“The Moon administration has been denying the legitimacy of its own nation and bringing down liberal democracy under the cloak of ‘inter-Korean collaboration’ initiated by the unreliable Pyongyang regime.

“All hardworking ROK citizens including entrepreneurs, merchants, engineers and farmers must recognize dire consequences the entire nation will face after communization. We will lose everything we have, and this land will turn into a killing field.”

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