Retired Korean generals slam North’s missile test, demand overhaul of South’s security policies

by WorldTribune Staff, May 14, 2019

With Kim Jong-Un observing, North Korea on May 4 launched a series of projectiles featuring a short-range ballistic missile and large-caliber multiple launch rocket systems from Hodo peninsula in the Wonsan area.

A group of retired Korean military officials condemned the North’s latest missile test and, at the same time, called on South Korean liberal President Moon Jae-In to revamp the South’s security policies which has administration has relaxed.

At the launching of the Retired Generals and Admirals Corps Defending the Nation, January 30, 2019.

In a blunt assertion largely ignored by South Korea’s mainstream media, he Korean Retired Generals & Admirals Corps Defending the Nation (KORGAD) issued the following statement:

First, the Moon administration must honestly acknowledge that its judgement on Kim Jong-Un’s determination for denuclearization was flawed and sincerely apologize to the public. Also, the execution of the “Panmunjom Declaration signed on April 27, 2018” and “Pyongyang Joint Declaration signed on September 19, 2018” on the premise of North Korea’s denuclearization should be deferred until solid proof of the North’s determination for nuclear disarmament and peace is confirmed.

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Second, the “Inter-Korean Military Agreement signed on September 19, 2018, for the Implementation of the Panmunjom Declaration” became null and void due to the hermit kingdom’s missile provocation. The Moon administration must immediately abrogate the “Inter-Korean Military Agreement signed on September 19” – it is no better than an instrument of surrender.

Third, the administration must solidify the ROK-U.S. alliance and immediately restore an information sharing system, the foundation of the joint defense posture between the two nations. Also, the administration should strengthen its intelligence surveillance capability toward North Korea by fully utilizing the combined reconnaissance assets of the ROK and US to preemptively detect signs of North Korea’s provocations based on close cooperation with the United States Forces Korea.

Fourth, the Moon administration must overhaul the current missile deterrence and response system in its entirety, including the Korean triad system considering the North’s advancement in missile technology and construct an enhanced version early on. Now is high time for the administration and the military to honestly inform the public of the North’s threat and come up with practical solutions.

Fifth, the Ministry of National Defense initially described the North’s test as a missile launch, but merely 40 minutes later gave a vaguer description of “projectiles,” making its intention vastly questionable. Military facts closely linked to the fate of the nation should not be swayed by the administration’s political and ideological interest. Men and women in uniform must only obey the Constitution and serve the public, and they should not act against military facts.

Sixth, the administration must immediately stop its so-called “sunflower policy” towards the North and actively join the international community’s effort in sanctioning Pyongyang according to the UNSCRs.

Last but not least, we at KORGAD earnestly urge servicemen and women to engrave upon their mind the importance of “devotion to serve their country and faithfully perform their duty.”

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