Research finds media has succeeded in scaring average Americans out of their senses

by WorldTribune Staff, August 2, 2020

In its purposely dishonest reporting on the coronavirus, the major media succeeded in its goal of frightening the American public, researchers say.

Add to that the wild disinformation peddled by the corporate media on so-called “systemic racism” and the “protests” (i.e. riots) it has spawned and you have a nation pushed to the edge, analysts say.

The major media’s ‘propaganda effort to link the number of cases of COVID-19 with the number of deaths is working, when in fact the death rate is coming down.’ / YouTube

As the China virus hit America, national and local leftist media outlets seemed to band to together in an effort convince Americans that if they stepped out of their homes they would either catch the virus and die or kill someone by spreading it.

The fake media created real panic.

The strategic communications firm Kekst CNC has released research showing the average American believes that 9 percent of the U.S. population have already died from coronavirus. Nine percent of the U.S. population is 30 million people.

“Now, why would they think such a thing? Sadly, it is a testament to the Drive-By Media,” radio host Rush Limbaugh noted in his July 29 broadcast.

“The Drive-By Media has been reporting case numbers. They have been orgying, they have been orgasming, if you will, over case numbers, every day, brand-new numbers of cases. And what have I been telling you? I’ve been telling you that the attempt here is to convince people that case numbers equal death numbers. The way the media has reported this is, if you get it, you die. They haven’t come out and specifically said this. They don’t have to. They can use the power of suggestion and false reporting in a number of ways. And it’s been successful,” Limbaugh said.

The reported number of confirmed covid cases in the U.S. is 4.7 million. The reported number of confirmed deaths is over 157,000.

“And yet the average American thinks that 30 million people have already died,” Limbaugh noted. “Now, if you think that 30 million people have already died, what would you be doing? You’d be hibernating. You’d be hiding. You wouldn’t want to go back to work. You wouldn’t want to send your kid back to school. You would not want to do anything that would result in the country reopening or the economy reopening.”

The major media’s “propaganda effort to link the number of cases of COVID-19 with the number of deaths is working, when in fact the death rate is coming down,” Limbaugh pointed out. “The mortality rate is coming down. It is not increasing as the number of cases increase. And yet the average American thinks something entirely different.”

Limbaugh then noted a new Gallup poll, which “is just as bad if not worse.”

Gallup “has come out with one of the most hard-to-believe polls that I have seen in my life. And I just have to tell you, I hope for the sake of the country that the media has not been able to fool this many Americans, ’cause here’s the data,” Limbaugh said.

“Gallup claims that Black Lives Matter protests have changed 65 percent of Americans’ views on racial justice and that half of the respondents now feel connected to the protest cause. They also claim, Gallup does, that more than one in four young adults have participated in a Black Lives Matter protest. Now, my belief is and my strong hope is, my suspicion is that this poll is just another attempt at shaping public opinion rather than reflecting it,” Limbaugh said.

“I just refuse to believe that most Americans support this insanity that we see out there,” the radio host continued. “But then we have to ask ourselves, does the average American even see it? I saw footage today of Portland, Oregon, that I hadn’t seen before. This was not riot footage. This was footage of the city, downtown, in a quiet moment where the rioters had gone to bed or whatever they were off doing. There was no activity whatsoever. The place looks like Dresden in World War II. It looks like it’s bombed out and literally destroyed.

“And I’m looking at it, I’m thinking, they’ve got a mayor out there who is supporting this. And in Seattle they’ve got a mayor out there supporting this. In fact, folks, this is so strange. We’re coming to an election in November where the Democrat Party is taking a stand. They are staking their electoral future in favor of rioting, looting, arson, and destruction, specifically of federal property.”

Democrats think that this is a winning message, Limbaugh said, offering as proof the House Judiciary Hearing on Tuesday in which Democrats berated and constantly interrupted Attorney General William Barr.

“That was Twitter live,” Limbaugh said of the hearing.

“That so-called congressional hearing, the way the Democrats conducted themselves, that was Twitter live. That’s exactly what it was. If you wonder what I mean when I say this country is not Twitter, the Democrats think that it is.”

The Democrats “believe that Twitter is a majority of thought in America, and so if they believe that, then they would believe that their voters expect them to treat Republicans the way they treated Barr,” Limbaugh said.

Limbaugh continued: “If it were me, I would say, ‘We got a problem. Our voters are destroying us. Our voters are putting us in a no-win situation. We can’t…’ and I would be fighting it. But, no, they’re just following right along. So I don’t know if it’s really the fact that the voters are demanding they act this way.

“I’m sure there’s a certain element of truth to that, but to say that the Democrats are only acting that way because their voters demand it kind of gives them an out, when I don’t think they deserve one. I think they’re making an active decision and strategy decision to conduct themselves the way they did because they believe it’s going to result in them winning.”

Limbaugh then returned to “the fact that the average American thinks that 30 million Americans have been killed by COVID, again, when you stop and realize that, then you understand why average Americans continue to hide in the basement.”

Limbaugh noted that one of his show’s colleagues, Mark Reardon of KMOX in St. Louis, called the St. Louis police department to find out how many murders there have been in St. Louis so far this year and in the month of July.

The police confirmed 47 murders in St. Louis in July alone. There have been 150 murders to date for the year in St. Louis.

“In the meantime, in July, how many people do you think in St. Louis have succumbed to the COVID virus in the city? Eight. Eight deaths in July from COVID, 32 in the county,” Limbaugh noted.

“So in the city of St. Louis, in the county, you have 40 deaths attributable to COVID. So 47 murders in July, 150 for the year, so far, counting murders in St. Louis. So in Chicago murders are far outnumbering deaths attributable to the virus. I guarantee you everybody that hears these stats is gonna be stunned, shocked, because they think COVID is killing everything and everybody, thanks again to our wonderful friends in the Drive-By Media.”

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