‘Republic is teetering’: Death by a thousand cuts plus the 14th Amendment

Analysis by WorldTribune Staff, July 20, 2023

So far, critics say, the weaponized Biden Department of Justice and prosecutors in New York City have taken a death by a thousand cuts approach in an effort to keep Donald Trump from winning back the White House in 2024.

This week, special prosecutor Jack Smith, appointed by Attorney General Merrick Garland, has told Trump that he is a target of an investigation into the Jan. 6 protest and the contesting of the 2020 election.

Special prosecutor Jack Smith: ‘The seriousness of what is being done to Donald Trump by local and federal Democrat prosecutors cannot be overstated. It is alarming. It is shocking. And this republic is teetering.’

It is this potential third indictment that takes the “get-Trump” movement to the next level as he may be charged for sparking an “insurrection” on Jan. 6, 2021.

“Legal experts are growing more confident that the goal is to block the Republican from serving a second term,” Washington Examiner columnist Paul Bedard noted.

If Trump is convicted of just one charge in the Jan. 6/contesting of the 2020 election case, the insurrection clause in the 14th Amendment, which was written to ban Confederates from serving in office, “could trigger a ban on Trump taking any office again, even if he is chosen as the next president on Election Day 2024,” Bedard noted.

“The Democrats’ end game is the 14th Amendment. Section three says if you’ve been under oath to protect the Constitution, if you engage in an insurrection, you can no longer serve in federal office. This is the end game,” said Jed Babbin, a federal legal expert. “If he is convicted of that, he cannot be president again,”

Radio host Mark Levin, told his audience on Wednesday tha Smith is pushing to indict Trump soon so that a trial will be done before the election.

“Do you know that the Department of Justice, this prosecutor, and the Democrats have a plan for making sure he never serves one second in office?” Levin said.

“You know what it is? Section three of the 14th Amendment. That’s their plan,” he said, adding, “They’re going to say he cannot be sworn in because he was convicted of one count of wire fraud or obstruction or something related to January 6. He’s an insurrectionist.”

And, Levin added, “This is why Jack Smith wants these cases moving fast, and he wants them done not after the election but during the election.”

The 14th Amendment does say that Congress, in a two-thirds vote, can brush aside the ban on serving. But the partisan gap is much closer to 50-50 in today’s Congress.

“That isn’t going to happen. So this is the Democrats’ end game and what the second impeachment was all about. The second failed impeachment was to basically charge him with inciting insurrection on January 6, and that failed. So now, whatever [Smith] is going to do, I’m sure will charge Trump with inciting an insurrection and thus try to keep him out of the presidency,” said Babbin.

Levin, a former Reagan-era DOJ chief of staff, said Garland and the Biden DOJ are mounting a deliberate assault on the 2024 election.

“The seriousness of what is being done to Donald Trump by local and federal Democrat prosecutors cannot be overstated. It is alarming. It is shocking. And this republic is teetering. It is extremely difficult to fight all these prosecutors, and fight for your freedom, and run for president at the same time. And these prosecutors know it,” Levin wrote on social media.

“And let’s be clear, the DOJ and FBI have demonstrated in the recent past that they will use illegal means to try to take out Trump — the Hillary Clinton/Democrat Party/FBI/DOJ orchestrated ‘Russia Collusion’ scam that lasted years — and they are doing the same thing now, but on a unimaginable scale,” Levin wrote.

Levin also slammed leftist media who literally cheered on Smith’s target letter: “And, of course, the Democrat Party media is ecstatic today. They crave the unraveling of our country, regurgitate whatever the Biden regime feeds them via DOJ and the FBI (as they did when the Obama regime was in charge), they use so-called experts to provide opinions on Trump’s fate — who almost always are carefully chosen Trump-haters and NeverTrumpers, or Democrat-aligned lawyers — to give ‘legal analysis,’ aka propaganda.”

Levin added: “The Democrat Party and its surrogates are playing for keeps — a one-party, state-party that monopolizes elections, the government, and the culture, with no effective competition, supported by the state-media, which is largely made up of Democrat Party members or personnel aligned with the Democrat Party agenda. This is tyranny. This is autocracy. And it is looking you directly in the eye.”

As for Smith, Levin wrote: “He is no ‘special counsel.’ He physically looks like what he is — a maniacal, seek-and-destroy hatchet man who has a long record of abusing and targeting individuals who have no chance of escaping his fascistic, Beria-like tactics.” Levin was referencing Joseph Stalin’s Soviet-era security chief Lavrentiy Beria.

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