Reports: FBI Director Wray seen stonewalling on subpoenaed document to protect Biden

Analysis by WorldTribune Staff, May 26, 2023

The House Oversight Committee on Thursday tweeted that the FBI has five days to produce a document “that alleges a $5 million bribery scheme involving then-VP Biden.”

If FBI Director Christopher Wray fails to turn over the requested FD-1023 record, committee chair Rep. James Comer said he will initiate contempt of Congress proceedings.

FBI Director Christopher Wray. / C-SPAN

The document details an exchange of money between Vice President Joe Biden and a foreign national who may have influenced U.S. policy decisions, Comer said.

So, what happens if Wray continues to stonewall and doesn’t produce the document in five days? Will he actually be held accountable, or just given another five days?

Accountability is what concerned Americans want to see. They never saw it with the “Clinton Crime Family” and have yet to see it with the “Biden Crime Family.”

What is different this time?

“That being an unclassified form, he (Wray) should easily be able to hand it over. But the fact that he hasn’t handed it over is showing that he’s hiding Joe Biden,” Georgia Republican Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene told the Washington Examiner.

“We know that it has information of a foreign national paying then-Vice President Joe Biden in order for him to make certain policy decisions, and that’s a pay-to-play scheme — highly illegal. It’s an impeachable offense — not just impeachable, he can be prosecuted for that.”

Will he be?

Last week, Greene introduced articles of impeachment against Wray, accusing the FBI director of intimidating those who are “deemed enemies of the Biden regime” and politicizing the agency to target conservatives. The Georgia firebrand also accused Wray of shielding Biden and his son Hunter from criminal investigations, citing the FD-1023 form as evidence.

The FBI responded to a subpoena for the form on May 10 by sending the Oversight Committee a letter with background information and “programmatic issues related to confidential human source reporting,” according to Comer. The bureau failed to provide access to the FD-1023 form.

“It shouldn’t have taken the threat of holding FBI Director Wray in contempt for him to finally agree to a phone call that Chairman Comer and Sen. Grassley requested over a week ago,” a spokesperson for the House Oversight Committee told the Washington Examiner. “The FBI must produce the unclassified record by May 30 or the Oversight Committee will initiate contempt of Congress proceedings. The subpoenaed record is already two weeks past due.”

We’ll see.

If Wray is held in contempt, it could boost enthusiasm among House Republicans to impeach him, which hasn’t seen much movement in recent days, according to Greene. Although she’s had conversations with members who would be interested, Greene said, she lacks a sufficient number of co-sponsors to bring it before the full House.

Should a motion be brought to the floor, Democrats are unlikely to support the motion — meaning Greene can only afford to lose four Republican votes in order to get it passed.

“I don’t expect the Democrats, even the moderate ones, to support anything,” Greene said. “They’re all in for protecting the Bidens, hiding the Biden family crimes, denying they exist when, in fact, we know they exist.”

That means finding enough Republicans who actually have a spine. Given recent history, critics say, the chances of that are not good.

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