Reports: CDC data on Covid jabs show adverse effects for teens, fully-boosted men

by WorldTribune Staff, September 15, 2023

The CDC’s own data shows a risk of severe side effects from the Covid shots for teenagers and a significantly lower life expectancy for men who are fully-boosted, reports say.

In a Sept. 13 report, Alex Berenson cited CDC data as saying that one million mRNA Covid shots for teens will prevent zero to one Covid deaths and cause 100,000 to 200,000 severe side effects.

“Yes, you read that right,” Berenson noted.

“The math: Moderna trial teen subjects had a 25% risk of Grade 3/4 adverse events if they received the shot, 5% for placebo. For Pfizer, the rates were about 11% and 2% (Pfizer is a lower dose; why the placebo rates were different IDK.) That’s a gap of 0.09 to 0.2, x1MM shot,” Berenson noted.

Berenson said the data is from a Sept. 12 CDC document, (which can be viewed here.)

Slay News reported on Sept. 13 that researchers who analyzed data from the CDC and the UK government found that American men who have been “fully-boosted” with Covid shots will suffer a staggering 24-year loss in their life expectancy.

“The study sought to weigh the balance of risk for the vaccines by establishing how long the negative side effects take to reduce over time after a person receives each dose,” the report said. “However, the researchers found that the damage doesn’t lessen over time and, instead, it remains indefinitely, increasing with each shot.”

The CDC All-Cause Mortality data has shown that each vaccine dose increased mortality by seven percent in the year 2022 compared to the same figures for 2021.

A Cleveland Clinic study, using CDC All-Cause Mortality data, snowed that each vaccine dose increased mortality by 7% in the year 2022 compared to the mortality in year 2021.”

“So if you have had 5 doses then you were 35% more likely to die in 2022 than you were in 2021. If you have had one dose then you were 7% more likely to die in 2022 than you were in 2021. If you are unvaxxed then you were no more likely to die in 2022 than you were in 2021,” The Exposé noted in a report on the study (which can be viewed here).

The Exposé continued: “If people were recovering from the 1st jab, then it would not be having precisely the same effect as the 5th jab (namely a 7% increase in mortality). This is the long term problem. People are not recovering from the damage done by the shots in terms of excess mortality.

“So taking 2021 as the base line, a 5 dosed person would be 350% more likely to die in 2031 and 700% more likely to die in 2041 and 1,050% more likely to die in 2051 than an unvaxxed person. Using this result, we can calculate the loss in life expectancy for a 30-year-old male as follows… The life expectancy of a 30 year old unvaxxed male in the UK is around 80 years. So he can expect another 50 years of life. In statistical terms, half of his cohort are dead by 80. The life expectancy of a 30-year-old quintuply vaxxed person in the UK is 56 years. Assuming UK males respond to the vaccines in the same way as U.S. people. Alternatively quintuply vaxxed U.S. 30-year-old males have likewise lost 24 years of life expectancy.”

Meanwhile, data on Covid infection rates for the first 98 days from September 12, 2022, was taken when the bivalent vaccine was first offered to Cleveland Clinic employees. The vaccine was not mandated but offered.

On that day, 6,199 employees were unvaccinated, 2,359 received a single dose of the Covid-19 vaccine, 13,804 were double vaccinated, 20,798 received three doses, while at least 3,538 received at least four or five doses of the original vaccine.

“The results of the study revealed that the more doses of the original vaccine a person took, the more likely they were to catch Covid,” Slay News noted. “The findings suggest that the original coronavirus vaccine is not only ineffective against omicron but also anti-effective.”

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