Report: Who was this man calmly cutting the wire link fence at the Capitol on Jan. 6?

by WorldTribune Staff, August 22, 2023

In anticipation of a large crowd in the area of the U.S. Capitol building on Jan. 6, 2021, authorities had erected wire fencing marked “Area Closed” as an added security barrier.

Before President Donald Trump had finished speaking and a wave of people headed for the Capitol, an individual was seen cutting and removing the fencing.

Who was he?

Fencecutterbulwark at work on Jan. 6, 2021. / Video Image

Revolver News reported on Monday that the man who was seen “coolly and methodically cutting down and then rolling up ‘restricted area” fencing around the Capitol lawn” had “no Trump gear on, and made sure to wear dark sunglasses on a cloudy day. He was not angry. He was dispassionate, calm, and professional, like he was just there to do a job.”

What the individual — an as of yet unindicted, unidentified man known to researchers as #Fencecutterbulwark — did was significant.

He “was removing fencing before Trump’s speech was over, and thus before the crowd listening to Trump headed over to the Capitol,” Revolver News noted.

“Ordinarily, the grounds surrounding the Capitol are not restricted, and it was only due to the fact that police erected barriers and fencing for January 6th that those entering the thereby designated restricted zone could be charged with ‘trespassing.’ ”

Fencecutterbulwark was photographed in a pre-positioned spot at what researchers tagged the initial “Ray Epps Breach Site” as early as 12:31 p.m., 20 minutes before the breach of the Capitol began.

“He was doing nothing except looking out past the fencing he would later take down,” Revolver News noted.

This is significant because the official J6 narrative as parroted by The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and other major media is that the Proud Boys’ arrival at the Peace Monument at 12:48 p.m. is what sparked a sudden breach of the Capitol building.

“But the fact that FenceCutterBulwark and other key operators (until now ignored by mainstream media) were already waiting in place while the Proud Boys were still a mile away eating lunch suggests a more sinister possibility: foreknowledge of an imminent breach at this exact location,” Revolver News noted.

The report continued: “Indeed, attentive readers who study the image above will note that the individual sitting just feet away from Fencecutterbulwark in a blue hat and pulled-down face mask is none other than the most notoriously mysterious figure of the entire January 6 Fedsurrection — another unidentified, unindicted figure known only as ‘Scaffold Commander.’ ”

A J6 researcher known as “FreeStateWill” recently published a thread on X indicating that Fencecutterbulwark was positioned in very close proximity to, and even interacted with, a known undercover police officer. According to FreeStateWill, the undercover officer known as Roe said “appreciate it brother” as he witnessed Fencecutterbulwark removing fencing.

Video of the verbal exchange is currently under a sensitive protective court order, according to the report.

The Revolver News report noted: “By removing the barrier fencing before the massive crowds arrived at the Capitol, individuals like Fencecutterbulwark were effectively creating one of the nation’s largest legal booby traps in history, inviting thousands of people to unwittingly cross into the restricted zone whereupon they became vulnerable to indictments for ‘trespassing.’ ”

Earlier this year, Revolver News reported on how the Department of Justice used an initial trespassing charge against Green Beret Jeremy Brown as a launching point to add felony charges for a man who had exposed the government’s efforts to recruit him as an informant and potential provocateur prior to Jan. 6.

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