Report: Top-paid Biden White House staffer has a thing about Satanic imagery

by WorldTribune Staff, July 17, 2023

The highest paid individual on the White House staff is a pentagram-tattooed, occult-loving man who donned bondage gear for a recent speech at a biomedical conference, a report said.

Demetre Daskalakis

Demetre Daskalakis, who rakes in $260,718 a year as Joe Biden’s Monkeypox deputy coordinator, also gave a presentation titled “Out and Proud: Celebrating LGBT+ Diversity in the U.S. Government,” at the FBI’s Pride Month celebration in which he addressed the “importance of LGBT+ visibility in the government and health care industry.”

“Daskalakis is best known for his satanic antics alongside his ‘husband’ as well as his recent, bondage-clad appearance in Las Vegas on behalf of the Biden White House,” The National Pulse reported.

In attendance at the presentation was FBI Director Christopher Wray, who has been a long-time proponent of diversity and inclusion at the FBI, arguing it “is something I care deeply about… because the success of our efforts impacts our operations, our culture, and our future.”

Daskalakis and his partner Michael MacNeal launched a “goth” gym called Monster Cycle in New York. It is based in a former gay nightclub that in turn had taken over an old church in Manhattan.

“Daskalakis’s social media presence is disturbing, to say the least,” the National Pulse noted. “Monster Cycle’s social media pages are full of references to Satanism, the devil, burning crosses, and pentagrams, and more.”

Not surprisingly, the gym got fawning coverage from The New York Times.

On the “SweatConcierge” review site, however, references were posted to the gym’s “alarming” imagery and “terrifying” co-ed locker rooms.

“Daskalakis’s work has been lauded by leading gay magazine The Advocate, which published another Biden hire – Sam Brinton – defending a website called ‘Rent Boy’ that was known for connecting older homosexual men with boys,” the report noted.

According to Open The Books, total White House staff salaries for the year will come out to a hefty $52.7 million. By comparison, the Trump White House averaged a staff cost of $46.95 million over four years.

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